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IWEAPONS® brand Body Armor consists of any number of protective pieces that are used to shield the body from attacks against bullets, knives and other weapons. One of the most commonly known pieces is our bulletproof vest, which is worn over the torso to protect vital organs against damage from gun fire.

Our bulletproof vests are available in a variety of sizes and styles and come in IIIA ballistic rating, and many are customizable to help the wearer find the right fit. Most bulletproof vests – as the name implies – only protect against bullets, but there are some stab resistant vests that can also guard against knife attacks. Ballistic vests are made from a number of materials; they range from lightweight soft body armor and concealable bulletproof vest under clothing to level IV hard body armor as armor plates.

Bulletproof vests, ballistic helmets and other armor plates are traditionally used by law enforcement officers, military personnel and others in the security profession. Most are used daily to keep the wearer safe, with active military members using heavy-duty tactical vests equipped with ceramic and polyethylene plates that are capable of providing resistance against high-caliber weapons fire.

Patrolmen, security guards and others in less-serious situations may opt for lightweight, aramid vests that are more than capable of guarding against fire from smaller firearms. We also offer concealed bulletproof vests and concealable body armor for covert operations.

In recent years, Israeli Weapons begun catering to private citizens who are concerned about their safety. Civilians around the world now have access to high-quality and effective bulletproof vests, ballistic helmets and other hard body armor, both online and in local shops. Just in case check out our cheap bulletproof vest section before you buy.

IWEAPONS® Bulletproof Products

Soldiers face an incredible number of threats each day. Not only that, it seems that those threats only become more dangerous with every passing year. From bullets and knives to bombs and mines, there are a variety of weapons that those in combat must prepare for.

IWEAPONS® products have been trusted by military forces around the world, especially Israeli Special Forces. They are well-known for their high-quality products, including bulletproof vests, ballistic helmets, hard armor plates and more. Our company has a strict quality control policy that ensures that each product they send out will perform to the best of its ability.

When you shop online for military equipment, you are sure to find plenty of bulletproof vests for sale. You’ll probably see so many, as a matter of fact, that you might begin to feel overwhelmed. Where do you start? Who can you trust? If you are looking for a brand that you can depend on, even when you can’t test a product before you buy it, definitely stick with IWEAPONS®.

IWEAPONS® produces a Israeli made body armor gear. In addition to our bulletproof vests, which are often worn by police officers and security guards, they also offer models with full neck, shoulder and groin support. These latter kinds of vests are useful for military personnel and other tactical forces.

When you’re ready to buy bulletproof vest, be sure to analyze your own needs before making an order. If you are unsure about which vest or other accessory will best fit your needs, use ours informative to get answers to your questions. Once you’ve decided on a product, it will be shipped directly to you.

Body Armour

When choosing body armour, there are a variety of questions you need to consider to make sure you are making the right choices. Your individual needs and your budget are two of the most important body armor related considerations, but there are also others to keep in mind.

The first thing you need to explore when choosing body armor is what you need it for. Are you in the military? Are you a private body guard? Do you work at a prison? All occupations see different risks, with some seeing greater ones than others. What are the threats that you will face?

If you are a soldier who will see assault rifle fire, you’ll want to look into hard armor. Typically consisting of plates made of ceramic or polyethylene, this kind of protection can withstand the kinds of high-speed rounds you’ll often see in a battlefield.

On the other hand, if you work in a prison, it’s unlikely that you will be shot at. However, there is a reasonable chance of a knife attack. In this case, you would require stab-resistant body armor. You will also want something that is lightweight and flexible so that you don’t lose range of motion.

Once you’ve decided what it is you need, you must next look at your budget. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t set a price on safety. In the real world, body armor can cost as little as a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Rather than balk at a price tag, try to look at your purchase as an investment in your safety.

When choosing body armor, whether it’s a helmet, bulletproof vest or a bulletproof jacket, one thing you must be precise with is sizing. Make sure that you get accurate measurements so that the armor you purchase will fit you perfectly and protect you as it was designed to do.

Buying Body Armor

If you are responsible for buying your own body armor gear, you will want to take particular care in making sure that you choose brands and products that have a proven track record. The internet basically allows anyone to sell just about anything these days, and if you aren’t careful about where you are purchasing your body armor, you could end up with protection that isn’t nearly as safe as you were led to believe.

In our society, we tend to determine an item’s value based on its price tag. When something bears a high price tag, we usually think that it’s of high quality; when the price is low, we imagine that the product isn’t really all that good. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous sellers understand this psychology, so if you’re not doing your research, you could end up paying a lot for sub-par protection.

When shopping for armor, the first two things you need to look at are the brand and the seller. Spend some time reading reviews and learning more about reputations of each. Once you’re confident in the quality, it’s time to analyze your needs. Do you need something simple and basic or do you need something that can protect you in the most extreme of conditions?

For some people, especially civilians or those with low-risk jobs, a lightweight bulletproof vest may suffice. For others, such as those who see combat, a helmet, armor plates and other accessories may be needed in addition to the ballistic vest.

Budget is another important consideration in your search for adequate body armor. Ideally, you would be able to spend whatever it took to ensure your safety. Since you don’t have an unlimited amount of money to buy equipment, you may need to pay attention to prices. But, don’t let the aforementioned price psychology fool you. There are plenty of high-quality and reputable brands and manufacturers that are extremely affordable.

Body Armor Gear

Shopping for body armor gear has never been easier. Whether you’re looking for vests, helmets or accessories, you can find everything you need when you shop online. Best yet, you’ll have access to a wonderful selection, guaranteeing that you’ll have access to just what you were looking for.

While many people think of bulletproof vests or ballistic helmets when they think of body armor, there are a variety of other items that are also available. A few examples include carrying bags, storage solutions for your equipment and other armor accessories.

When shopping online, whether it’s for body armor or anything else, it’s always important to pay particular attention to product details. It’s here where you will learn more about the item itself, the manufacturer, warranty info and sizing. Read this information carefully to ensure that you are making the most appropriate purchase.

Because of the sensitive nature of body armor, one important thing to always keep in mind is sizing. Bulletproof vests, in particular, are designed to protect your body’s most vital organs. Typically, they are made to protect your front, back and sides. If you aren’t careful in taking measurements and choosing the correct size, you might equip yourself with a bullet proof vest that doesn’t provide adequate protection because it’s constantly running up or sliding around as you move.

Function is another thing to keep in mind. Bullet proof vests usually look quite similar, but that doesn’t mean that they all serve the same purpose. For example, a lightweight bulletproof vest may be suitable for patrolmen and armored truck drivers because they are effective against small arms fire, but they may not be a good choice for prison guards or others who are in danger of knife attacks.

Israeli Body Armor

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF / Zahal) are known around the world as being one of the best military forces around. That is why we have the opportunity to learn develop the best gear available.

The most common piece of body armor that you’ll find in the overt and covert bulletproof vests. All our soft body armor vests have level IIIA (3A) protection. The next piece of body armor that all soldiers wear is a ballistics helmet. Lightweight and also offering III-A (3A) protection, these helmets protect users from potentially devastating head injuries.

Along with bulletproof vests, some IDF soldiers may be equipped with armored plates. These plates are made of extremely tough materials such as ceramic, polyethylene and metal; and they are made to withstand heavier fire.

Whether you’re a soldier yourself or just someone who has an interest in body armor and other tactical gear we offer many products that used by military and non-military personnel. You can use our information to learn more about the specifications of different body armor, as well as how to shop for armor yourself.

IDF body armor is also popular among non-military users as this armor is incredibly reliable. If you work as a police officer, security guard or other occupation where you face the risk of gunfire, you can count on the same equipment used by some of the world’s finest soldiers. Those who are not in the military and who don’t even hold dangerous jobs often use it.

Useful Information

On our blog we offer many useful articles, where you will find helpful information relating to body armor and tactical gear. Whether you are a military member who wishes to learn more about the equipment that is available to you or a civilian who is interested in personal protection, you are sure to find these pages to be intriguing, engaging and informative.

Even if you are not serve in the army, it’s still possible to face dangerous threats from gunfire and other weapons. Crime has risen drastically over the last couple of decades, and it seems like the bad guys are armed to the gills. Along with this disturbing trend is a sliver of hope: protection items are also becoming increasingly easy to afford and purchase, allowing anyone who worries for their safety or the safety of their friends, family and colleagues, to gain access to vests, helmets and other gear that will keep them safe.

Browse these articles now to learn about the different kinds of equipment that are available on the market. Educate yourself on what each piece does and what it takes to make a smart purchase. You can also stay up-to-date on the latest breakthroughs in protection technology. Learn about the newest materials being used in bulletproof vests, as well as helmets that are now lighter and tougher than ever.

It makes no difference if you are casual observer or a harden soldier; a concerned citizen or a military collector: the information contained on our blog will help you to make better choices about your tactical purchases and introduce you to products and ideas that you may not have much experience with. To go to our blog, see blog section on the top menu.

Help Center

Body armor is something that every soldier, police officer and security guard should wear when on the job. Ranging from bulletproof vests to helmets, these pieces of equipment can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

Unfortunately, there are many agencies that do not provide their employees with proper protection. As such, these officers are forced to purchase their own armor. If you find yourself in this situation, you may not know exactly how to go about finding the right equipment.

We provide section with informative articles that we wrote to keep you up-to-date on all the newest offerings and latest trends in personal protection. Here you can read about our products, as well as the many kinds of armored pieces that are available to buy and we always add new body armor for sale gear. You can read advice from leading experts, and see what current users of products think about the equipment that they are using.

Just because you know that you need to be wearing armor doesn’t mean that you are an expert. If your agency doesn’t provide you with the body armor necessary to keep you safe when you are out in the field, it wouldn’t be surprising if you didn’t really know much about armor at all. Which kind should you invest in? How much should you spend? What level of protection do you need? These are all common questions, and our articles can help you find the important answers to these vital questions.

In the event that you aren’t actually someone who is going to wear this kind of armor – maybe you are a collector or aficionado – you’ll still find these articles to be interesting and engaging. By reading them, you’ll ensure that you’re always in the loop when it comes to all relating to military equipment. You might even find yourself tempted to invest in a vest of your own, if only to add to your collection.

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