Ballistic Briefcase

Being an undercover agent or bodyguard requires wearing covert gear that ensures safety. Usually undercover agents wear covert vests that only protect the upper half of the body. Newly designed body armor has made it possible for agents to carry around bulletproof gear in unique ways. Other than wearing a covert bulletproof vest, a bulletproof briefcase can work just as well. A briefcase allows the agent to carry gear as well as protect any body part in a moment’s notice.

Designed for the Israeli Security Forces, this ballistic briefcase acts as prime and convenient body armor. The added accessibility this briefcase provides makes it easy to complete operations unharmed. In a life threatening situation, the ballistic briefcase can easily be positioned to cover areas where a bullet can cause harm.

The ballistic briefcase comes with guaranteed bulletproof protection that can open to cover the user’s full body. In times of danger, an agent can unfold the briefcase that is made with level 3A soft armor protection. The ballistic briefcase is easy to transport and utilize. Not even bulletproof vests can provide as much coverage and lightweight qualities as this bulletproof briefcase.

As well as acting as a full body bulletproof shield, the briefcase can also store an agent’s gear. Included are Velcro sections and zippers that promote organization which makes it easy to keep track of items needed for an operation. The sections do not open if an agent were to use the briefcase as a fully body shield. This feature prevents gear from being lost and damaged. Once an agent places gear in the bag, it will stay in the bag unnoticed and unharmed.

The briefcase comes with many storage compartments, so carrying gear isn’t an issue. Both sensitive documents and small gear can be transported and located at a moment’s notice. The front part of the bag has small sections that are perfect for pens or knives. An agent can even store a sidearm and have it go undetected by the naked eye. The back portion of the briefcase has a flat pocket that is ideal for documents. The ballistic briefcase is practical and undetectable, which are the ultimate qualities an undercover agent needs in gear.