Police Bulletproof Vests

Police officers can find themselves in the line of defense, so it’s essential they have the proper ballistic protection to execute their jobs. The level of protection an officer needs varies by location and situation, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

In specific cases of riots and shootings, police need to wear ample gear that guarantee protection. Police officers need to be protected in order to do their jobs properly. Wearing a bulletproof vest is one of the ways an officer can maximize their safety in a dangerous environment.

Bulletproof vests that police wear differ from the ones used by the military. Police bulletproof vests need to be versatile and provide complete ballistic protection. Not all military vests provide complete protection since it is common for soldiers to add armor plates to their vests. A police bulletproof vest doesn’t need additional hard armor plates since the soft armor vest contains all the body armor an officer would require.

We specifically in manufacturing bulletproof vests for police needs. The bullet proof vest fully adjusts to the police officer’s body even when in a sitting position. Most bulletproof vests used by the military don’t have this capability. The vest also comes with front storage pockets that makes it easy for officers to carry work gear with no hassle.

The police bulletproof vests ensures all around ballistic protection since the soft armor panels come from one whole unit. The front and back are entirely covered with soft armor panels that provide level 3A protection. There isn’t a line dividing the front center of the vest, which is common amongst police bulletproof vests. The division in the front of the vest normally poses as a weakness since a bullet can penetrate that area.

We have made several ballistic vests for the law enforcement units. The Police-UK model has soft armor on the shoulder area, which provides a wider range of protection. While the Police-UK Ultra-Thin model doesn’t come with soft armor in the shoulder area, which provides more comfort than the original. Both vests come with level 3A protection guarantee.

Both UK police bulletproof vest models can only be worn for overt use, but we also have other vests available for covert use.