External Bulletproof Vests

External bulletproof vests have special pouches in front and back to hold armor plates, to increase ballistic vest protection to levels III and IV against rifle rounds. These plates are not required to be stand-alone as with plate carriers. Some overt bulletproof vest also can be fitted with side armor plates.

External bulletproof vests tend to come in a few forms and colors. One of the most popular versions is the aramid with level IIIA, to allow of use armor plates that need to be in conjunction with level IIIA bullet proof vest. These armor plates together with our 3A vest will protect against some of the higher caliber bullets.

The added armored plates that can be fitted into our external vests adds a layer of protection that makes them to stop not only threats from handguns but also rifle bullet. These vests come with pockets that make it easy to store bulletproof plates or anti-stab panels, these pockets size is 25×30 cm that is 10×12 inch. And they used as outer bulletproof vests.

It says that you take your security seriously. Whether dealing with expected or unexpected threats, our vests are perfect for handling any threat and keep our clients safe for years to come.