Bulletproof Vests for Hunting

People generally think bulletproof vests are only used by police officers or soldiers, but that’s not always true. Anyone who uses guns in an outdoor setting should take safety precautions, especially if they are a beginner when it comes to using guns.

Hunting is a recreational way of using guns and is quite common in certain regions of the world. Any hunter knows that accidents can easily happen, so it’s smart to be prepared for any danger. Sometimes having a first aid kit, supplies, and tools won’t be enough to prevent harm.

A bulletproof vest is a great addition to anyone’s hunting supplies since safety is paramount. A hunter should determine the strength of body armor needed based on the firearm used. There are also two different types of armor, soft body armor and hard body armor.

Hunters tend to do a lot of moving, so having a bulletproof vest that doesn’t weigh down on the body is important. It’s recommended to buy a bulletproof vest made of soft body armor because of its lightweight features. Soft body armor can withstand bullets from most handguns.

Soft body armor is produced with layers of special material that catches the bullet and disperses the impact. Available in various levels, the most common hunters use are level 3A soft body armor bulletproof vests. A 9mm full metal jacket and a .44 magnum semi jacketed hollow point can be stopped by level IIIA soft body armor. Amongst hunters, soft body armor is the way to go.

The Viper bullet proof vest is made of level 3A soft body armor, which is identical to the armor used by soldiers and police officers. Level 3A is classified as the highest threat level of soft body armor available. If people who undergo constant danger trust our bulletproof vests, a hunter can too.

We producing different Viper bulletproof vests models. All have Velcro straps on the front, making the vests fully adjustable. The Viper desert bulletproof vest and is great for hunting in sandy areas. If you are looking for a vest with more camouflage, the Viper forest bulletproof vest is a prime option. The Viper forest MOLLE bulletproof vest looks identical to the second model, but can carry more gear. MOLLE vests are typically used by the military, but a hunter can easily take advantage of the benefits a MOLLE vest offers.