When it’s time to reconfigure your weapon, Israeli Weapons provides a wide breadth of butt stock and buffer tube options to fit a multitude of weapons. Your old firearm can suddenly seem brand new with these new fixes. The shoot allows you to maintain the three most important items of being in a good position: stability, durability and comfort. Israeli Weapons ensures that all of these elements are not only met, but exceeded as well.

Israeli Weapons butt stocks and conversion tubes are designed to fit rifles, shotguns, handguns and meet any of your add-on needs. These products are sturdy, durable and made of the finest-quality materials. In addition, they are easy to assemble, making retrofitting your weapon a breeze. When you purchase our butt stocks and buffer tubes, you can rest assured that the length of pull, length to hand stop and length to sight are perfectly calibrated.

IWEAPONS® M4 Buttstocks

IWEAPONS® Galil Polymer Buttstocks

IWEAPONS® Sniper Buttstocks


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