Rifle Sling Adapters

If you want to use a rifle sling on your gun, but can’t because your gun doesn’t have a connector for the sling to attach to, it’s time you get a sling adapter. These non-permanent Velcro sling adapters can be mounted on nearly any weapon and allow you to use your favorite gun sling in any number of combat or recreational activities.

IWEAPONS® rifle sling adapters takes only seconds to install, and they are just as quick to remove. Once they are mounted on your firearm, they aren’t moving until you remove them. This means that you can have total confidence in their ability to perform while you’re on the move.

Use Israeli Weapons sling adapters and rifle sling to help carrying your gun a little easier. With our products, you’ll have the opportunity to hold your weapon at your side, in front of you or on your back.

One concern you may have about sling adapters is that they may interfere with the use of your weapon. On the contrary, Israeli Weapons designed this adapter to be low profile adaptations that won’t get in your way in the least.

IWEAPONS® Velcro Handguard Sling Adapters

Attaching a sling to a rifle or shotgun that not equipped with built-in sling mount points may seem like a difficult task. However, it’s something that is easily accomplished with our IWEAPONS® brand handguard sling adapter that can be also used on buttstock.

Manufactured by Israeli Weapons, these Velcro removable, non-permanent adapters can be used with any rifle sling on the market. They attach in seconds, and they are versatile enough that they can be easily transferred from weapon to weapon. They designed to be used as a front attaching point on the front-rail/hand-guard or as a rear attaching point on butt-stock so that you may customize your rifle as you see it fit.

Made using Velcro and other high-quality materials, these adapters will fit nearly any rifle and they can be used with any sling and strap. They allow you to convert your sling attachment point to best fitting place on your gun, so you will not need to constantly carry your gun by hand and can use a rifle sling to carry your rifle in the right position to have the tactical benefits of the rifle sling in a variety of situations.

Another feature is the external Velcro area, this allows you to attach your pressure switch to it, most of the uses of the pressure switch are for flashlights and lasers, or for your night vision scope, to activate them when needed to save the battery or prevent detection by the enemy, this can be done without moving your hands from the gun, this special design allows you to mount the pressure switch on the opposite side of your sling attachment to keep it secured.

IWEAPONS® Velcro Handguard Sling Adapters with Magazine Holder

Our IWEAPONS® brand handguard sling adapter with integrated magazine holder, allows to add extra magazine to your handguard. This sling adapter made of strong nylon and durable elastic materials, this adapter secures an additional magazine to the front-rail/hand-guard of your gun. Like all Israeli Weapons products, it is designed to withstand all weather conditions and terrains.

If your rifle lacks a mount point for a sling, you’ll love the fact that this adapter also comes with a handy ring so that you can attach your favorite rifle sling on it. This mount also allows you to use it as comfortable grip for your rifle. No matter the situation you find yourself, you can count on this versatile and well-made adapter to improve the functionality of your firearm.

Easily attached and removed, this non-permanent solution can be installed in seconds. Mount on your weapon so that you’ll always have options for an extra magazine and sling attachment point for your sling.

IWEAPONS® Velcro Sling Adapters for M4 Style Stock

This IWEAPONS® brand rifle sling adapter specially designed to fit M4 standard and similar style buttstocks, this M4/AR buttstock sling adapter can be attached to your stock in just seconds and allow securely attach a sling, so you can mount your gun over your shoulder or held at your waist, without the risk of flipping.

Using Velcro and other durable materials, these butt-stock adapters by Israeli Weapons allows you to use any rifle sling to carry your weapon in combat and on a regular basis. If your gun lacks a rear attachment point for the sling or has one in an undesirable area, this sling adapter offer you the customization that you need.

These rifle sling adapters are available in two popular colors, and they were designed with the help of IDF infantry and special forces to ensure the best fit and function for firearms with M4 type stock.

IWEAPONS® Velcro Sling Adapters for AK Metal and Galil Style Stock

If your rifle did not come with rear place where rifle sling can be attached, you may have thought that you’d never be able to attach your sling to the rear of your gun in seconds. For this solution we offer our IWEAPONS® brand sling adapter for of AK metal and Galil buttstocks.

Designed and manufactured by Israeli Weapons to fit your firearm, these sling adapters are made of high-grade materials and carefully crafted to be a perfect fit for your weapon butt-stock. Attachable in only five seconds, these adapters allow you to use any gun sling you prefer. This means you can use your single bungee sling or other slings as 2-point and 3-point slings and find the one that best fits your needs.

In the event that you need to remove your sling adapter, you can easily tear away this Velcro adapter and store it for another time. When you’re ready to use it again, just mount it on your stock to create a dependable attachment point for your sling.

IWEAPONS® Picatinny Rail Sling Adapters

These IWEAPONS® brand Picatinny rail adapters by Israeli Weapons allows you to attach a rifle sling to any Picatinny rail. A small, lightweight accessory that is made of industrial strength metal often used in aviation, the adapter offers you the ability to attach a variety of rifle slings.

This handy accessory adds an option to attach a sling to your tactical firearm, this usually used to connect the sling to a side of the front rail and allows the gun be worn on your body with the tactical advantage of the rifle sling. It is extremely easy to snap on and off, allowing you to customize your rifle as necessary for your particular mission.

Black in color and corrosion resistant, this rail adapter can be used in any setting and does not affect the use of your gun in the slightest and leaving plenty of room for your other tactical accessories to be mounted on the rail. Keep it attached at all times so that you may slip on a sling whenever necessary or remove it for storage until you need it next.

IWEAPONS® End Plate Mounts

IWEAPONS® Cords for Sling Mounting

These cords used to attach a rifle sling to a weapon, these cords usually used by the IDF soldiers on the 2 point gun slings. The front part of the sling attaches to front iron sight of the M16/M4 or a Galil assault rifle using these cords. Same with the rear of the sling that attaches to a buttstock also using these cords.