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Israeli Body Armor

Items manufactured under the brand name IWEAPONS® will not disappoint customers looking to protect themselves with the latest advancements in civilian and military defense. Israeli Weapons is the company responsible for the brand IWEAPONS®, and has a history of providing quality body armor and defense equipment to military and to civilians seeking protection from harm. […]

Future of Body Armor

Body armor is a commonplace feature to modern life. Whether it be ordinary civilian environments, high-conflict areas, or full-fledged warfare, body armor has its place across the board. Protection is the number one priority for mankind, and the advancements in body armor technology aren’t enough to satisfy people’s demand for perfection. This is why the […]

Be Prepared for Anything with High Quality Israeli Bulletproof Products

For bulletproof products that excel both in quality and protection, choose from the range of ISRAELI WEAPONS LTD modern vests, plates, panels, helmets and accessories. From IWEAPONS® vest to Ceramics & polyethylene plates , only the best industry-approved materials are used to ensure maximum ballistic resistance. Our products can provide coverage for every level of […]

Body Armor Made in Israel by Israeli Weapons LTD

If you are in need of protection, bulletproof vest offers the highest level of protection possible. Bulletproof vests are worn by police officers, SWAT teams, private security guards, patrol officers, and more. Bulletproof vests are sometimes referred to as ballistic vests and they were developed in the 1960’s, primarily designed for the military at the […]

Safeguard Your Life with Exceptional Affordable Israeli Bulletproof Products

Outstanding bullet resistance, excellent fit and lasting quality come standard with ISRAELI WEAPONS LTD bulletproof gear. Beginners and veterans alike can take advantage of our affordable range of ballistic resistant products to gear up for any level of threat. Whether you need soft armor vests or anti-stab panels, we boast a collection that will take […]

Body Armor

Personal armor, which is also referred to as body armor, tactical body armor, and full body armor, is whole-body protective clothing. It has been constructed to absorb and/or deflect penetrating, bludgeoning, and slashing attacks. Historically, body armor was utilized to protect military personnel, though today, it’s used in the police force (riot police and tactical […]