Concealed Bulletproof Vests and Undercover Bulletproof Jackets

We have many concealed body armor products, while all of these products also called concealed bulletproof vests, some of these products also fall into the category of concealed bulletproof jackets. The main difference is that the bulletproof jacket concealing the ballistic aramid bulletproof panels, and as result it looks as a regular jacket while it is bulletproof.

Bulletproof jackets are the perfect body armor for private detectives, civilians and security officers that want to be protected. These vests and jackets are the most effective for stealthily blending in with their surroundings yet provide ballistic protection for full body coverage.

They come in denim, and other linings that make it easy to cover up. concealable bulletproof vests and concealable bulletproof jackets are perfect for undercover agents that want to have an added layer of protection without exposing themselves to threats.

They are perfect for covert operations due to their flexibility and lightweight. While they can be a bit awkward to get used to, acclimating only takes a few hours before you forget you’re even wearing one. It’s the perfect body armor accessory that does not bring too much attention. When compared with external body armor, their safety capability lies in not only their ability to prevent bullets from piercing vital organs, but also by secretly protecting you.