TV Press Bulletproof Vests

Nowadays fearless journalists are reporting wars directly from the scene. They are constantly putting their lives in danger in order for the viewer to see first hand the atrocities occurring in war zones. The safety of these journalists is paramount, which is why it’s important to take steps in assuring their safety. One way to do so is purchasing a bulletproof vest. IWEAPONS has released TV press bulletproof vests for reporters who are entering war zones to keep the public informed.

Normally, people who wear body armor need to move quickly and efficiently, but this is not the case for journalists. Reporters have the luxury of wearing a bulletproof vest that covers a larger surface area of the body, which does prohibit some movement. The trade off for a larger bulletproof vest is ultimate defense for vital body parts.

The extra protection that bulletproof vests for TV crews, covers is the shoulder, neck, and groin area. Most of the regular bulletproof vests do not provide ballistic protection in these areas, which is why journalists should take advantage of what this vest has to offer. The included groin protection has Velcro straps, which makes it a removable part of the vest. Anytime you have to be transported from one area to another, you can easily connect the straps to the body of the vest for added comfort. Sitting down in a car with a bulletproof vest safeguarding your groin area can be uncomfortable.

Keep in mind that this bullet proof vest lies on the heavier side, but will save your life in a time of crisis. Since the bullet-resistant vest is adjustable, any body size can take advantage of the benefits it has to offer. Designed to be used by TV Press personale, there are pockets in the front and side for necessary press equipment. You can easily transport any press related gear in a moments notice.

The TV press bulletproof vest is built with level IIIA (3A) soft armor. Level 3A armor shields the user from high intensity risk, which is what a journalist operating in a war zone needs. Included are front and back pockets to insert hard armor plates as ceramic and polyethylene plates for protection level III and IV. Since the ballistic vest is already heavy enough, it is recommended that the additional plates will be made from polyethylene.