Military Bulletproof Vests

Any soldier in the combat zone usually uses some kind of an body armor. It is necessary for soldiers to have the protection they need in order to do their jobs. One form of protection are bulletproof vests. With technological advances made in military gear, it’s essential for every soldier to wear military grade bulletproof vests. We design our military bulletproof vests with up to date technology to lessen the danger a soldier receives once entering a war zone.

The implementation of the MOLLE system allows the soldier to attach additional combat gear, which is not usual for most bulletproof vests. Bulletproof vests work as body armor, and this ballistic vest makes sure the soldier has maximum coverage. We offer ballistic 360 degree neck protection along with ensuring coverage from the waist up. On top of having full upper body armor, some of our military bulletproof vest comes with removable ballistic groin protection.

This bullet-resistant vest comes in woodland camouflage so enemies can’t pinpoint your exact location. The vest consists of level 3A soft armor along with front and rear pockets for armor plates. The additional armor plates would be sufficient protections against 7.62mm and 5.62mm rifle rounds. These are standard ballistic levels for military bulletproof vest protection. Any level higher would be too heavy for the soldier to wear and properly carry out military operations.

Buying the proper size bulletproof vest is essential in times of danger. Even if the vest doesn’t cover every inch of the torso, the adjustable Velcro straps can fix that issue. The straps allow soldiers to make necessary customizations to create a snug fit.

Soldiers require versatile body armor in order to effectively perform their duties. The lightweight quality of our military bulletproof vest permits soldiers to carry out different operations with optimum movement. The high intensity dangerous environments soldiers endure require them to have prime ballistic protection, which is a guarantee with this military grade vest.

With our bullet proof vest, all a soldier has to worry about is completing his or her operation. Rated by the National Institute of Justice, the IWEAPONS military bulletproof vests maximize the soldier’s protection as well as ensuring state of the art comfort.