Cheap Bulletproof Vests

What Does A Bullet Proof Vest Do? Why Do I Need One?

If you can only have one piece of safety equipment, it’s important decision to make. This decision can affect not only your life, but that of your loved ones and your community. Missing out on the chance to adequately protect yourself can have severe repercussions. This can include bodily harm to you, and those that you want to protect.

A bulletproof is the first and last line of defense against any firearm related threat. It is the equivalent of having a wall around your essential organs. Statistics have shown that gunshots to your extremities are far easier to survive than shots to the body. Of those that have been shot, 95% survive if they make it to the hospital without any full gunshot wounds to the body.

Those that have been shot in a vital organ tend to bleed out before they make it to the hospital. You don’t want to put your life into the hands of an assailants aim and fate. A bulletproof vest is the most important tool you can have in your arsenal to drastically raise your odds of survival.

How Does It Work?

Bulletproof vests use a unique blend of synthetic fibers that act as a safety net for catching bullets and other threats before they ever can connect. It actively dispels the shockwaves of a gunshot in a way that prevents any penetrative damage but results in some slight bruising.

Bulletproof vests are good only for the first round of shots. Bulletproof vests are not meant to be reused. It’s best to keep at least three to protect yourself and loved ones in the event of an emergency. Given the current events in the world, anything can happen and it’s best to err on the side of safe than to be sorry.

Why Should I Get An Cheap Israeli Weapons Bulletproof Vest?

The chance of survival via a gunshot to a bulletproof vest is as high as 98%. The 2% is only in the case that the type of bullet proof vest purchased isn’t meant to defend against that caliber of bullets. The only reason this would be the case is if you decided to go for lighter but are in an area where large caliber bullets are used.