MOLLE Bulletproof Vests

MOLLE bulletproof vest is a perfect soft armor vest that combines freedom of modification with lightweight body armor. MOLLE is an acronym that stands for Modular Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment. It is one of a few military standards that used globally.

MOLLE webbing system is used by everyone from NATO to the United States and other European special forces and military forces. It’s main selling point that it can be adjusted in any way, as tactical vest or as bulletproof vest to protects it’s wearer from many types of bullets and blasts whilst still being lightweight.

Protecting your torso while mounting any gear you want on this MOLLE bulletproof vest. With this side straps connecting the vest the potential for lower back problems and other issues of stiffness are avoided because of how much more flexible it’s become.

As far as MOLLE bulletproof vests go, MOLLE mounting system is the best of the best for those that want something effective without sacrificing mobility.