Body Armor Guide – Ballistic Helmets

Bulletproof vest is the most important body armor equipment for personal protection, but the bulletproof vest can only protect part of the body, while keeping the head exposed. That is why many people that serve in the army, or work in security in high risk environment also use helmets to provide a more complete protection to the body.

In order to provide complete protection to the body you should use ballistic helmet. Nowadays, ballistic helmets are being used on a large scale for protection even for non-military personnel.

More and more people order bulletproof vests online, even from websites located outside of their country. Nowadays there more and more online places that also sell bulletproof helmets and armor plates in additional to ballistic vests and plate carriers. Even though a bulletproof helmet is less common than a bulletproof vest there many model and types of military and non-military helmets that can be bought online.


With time new ballistic components were introduced, and as result of it modern helmets become to weigh less. There are still helmets made from steel and while these helmets cost almost half of the price they weight almost double and offer less superior ballistic protection with reduced trauma protection.

Most modern ballistic helmets made from aramid and polyethylene materials that reduce weight significantly, these lightweight helmets are usually weight less than 2KG and provide superior trauma ratings.

  • The helmet needs to be lightweight, so that the wearer does not put on a heavy-weighted helmet that does not allow him perform well. If it weighs you down, it will only be an obstacle.


Most of the helmets come in large size as it can be adjusted to fit medium and xl head sizes. It is important to remember than even if the wearer can adjust a smaller size helmet to his head, it usually will lack the necessary deepness to cover the head as needed.

  • It is recommended to order exact size you need after checking the measurements, there no such thing: one size fits them all.


Modern helmets are more comfortable than older models and not only because of their reduced weight. Their shape made to fit the head better without compromising their protection. Their internal design allows them to be padded in better way to fit the head better and reduce their movement over the head.

  • It is recommended to lightly hit your helmet on top with your hand to check if it reduces the impact
  • Try to slightly pull the helmet from the sides to see of it securely attached to your head and not moving around

Adjustable Straps

There are many strap designs and most of them made to make the helmet be more comfortable and secured for longer use. One of the most important aspects of the strap systems is time to take to adjust them to fit the wearer head and the option in case of emergency.

We offer superior adjustable strap system, this way the helmet can fit most users even those with smaller and larger heads, which enable them to give their best performance.

  • After buying the helmet, make sure to adjust the straps to fit your head so they will not be loose or too tight. A properly fitted helmet will stay in place while you are performing your job and will allow you to focus at the task at hand.

Additional Protection

Helmets and bulletproof vests are the most basic gear that soldiers use in combat. So when you make the order, make sure you order the helmet you need. You must to make sure that you order the helmet with these add-ons paired together, because some add-ons require specific helmets and they cannot be added afterwards.

Visor Face Shield Protection

Bulletproof helmets provide ballistic protection for the head area but they do not provide protection for the face. For this we offer ballistic and riot visors that can be attached to the helmet, there two main types of visors:

  • Ballistic visor that provides protection against bullets as bulletproof level IIIA rated protection
  • Anti-riot visor provides non ballistic protection to the face area

These visors can come as stand-alone unit that can be mounted on most helmets by attaching externally to them.

Front face ballistic visors can come integrated with the helmet, they can be removed but cannot be mounted on another helmet type, as our helmet specially designed for this visors by having special adapters on the sides to hold the visor to shield the face.

Ballistic Neck Protection

In some cases the wearer require a neck protection, this protection can be provided by the bulletproof vest or by soft armor extension connected to the helmet.

The neck ballistic protection needs to be bought together with the helmet, it can be removed from the helmet, but it cannot be mounted on another helmet type.

Care and Maintenance

Same as with bulletproof vests, bulletproof helmets need to be stored in certain way and cleaned without been damaged. Because bulletproof vests used more commonly, the helmets can be stored for longer period and need to be stored without become damaged in the process.

Usage and Storage

You must ensure that you store it in its bag and preferred that you use the helmet cover while you do that. You should store it in a way so that it does not get damaged, after storage you need to check for visual damages.

  • It is very important to keep the helmet it in a good condition while not in use

It is important to make sure that the internal straps are placed inside the helmet, so that even after long periods of storage, they will not be weaken or damaged.

For example: if weight placed on the helmet in such way that it’s presses down on the straps for a long period of time then the straps can be weakened and damaged as result of this, especially when heavy objects are placed on top of the helmet for long time.

Cleaning Instructions

Do not soak your helmet in water to wash it. You need wipe clean the external surface of the helmet and also carefully clean the internal parts of the helmet in order to prevent the sweat from promoting the growth of bacteria.

It is preferred not to use cold water as it is less effective. You can also use a brush that will not scratch the external parts of the helmet; it can be used on the areas of the ballistic helmet that require the most scrubbing.