Body Armor Guide – Bulletproof Vests

How to Buy Bulletproof Vest

If you reading this, then you probably used a bulletproof vest in the past or looking to buy a new one for your job, or just for personal security just in case.

Most of the time the bulletproof vest is the only body armor product you will ever need.

For example: if you are working in security, you are not going to use a helmet and probably you will not need to add armor plates against rifle rounds as they are expensive and add weight to your vest.

Anti-Stab Protection

Nevertheless, many people choose to add anti-stab protection to their vest.

  • You can buy complete IWEAPONS® anti-stab vest with or without bulletproof protection.
  • You can buy IWEAPONS® stand-alone anti-stab panels and add them to any vest, these panels can be used with most IWEAPONS® bulletproof vests.

Buy Bulletproof Vest Online

Before ordering body armor online keep in mind:

  • Can it save your life (you need to order from a manufacture that you trust)
  • Spend money wisely (why to pay more, when you can pay less)

Life Saving

This is the reason people are looking to buy a bulletproof vest, but do consider two things:

  • Have a bulletproof vest at the right time
  • Choose the right bulletproof vest, that actually do what it needs

Affordable Pricing

Today there are many types of bulletproof vests and many stores that sell them, here is the tricky part: if a bulletproof vest cost more it’s not necessary, mean it is better than a cheaper model.

Here is why Israeli Weapons one of the leading manufacturer of bulletproof products, we make our bulletproof products in Israel and export them to our customers, we also offer online platforms where we sell our products, this way we can sell high quality product for cheaper price.

Choosing: Model

Before deciding what model of bulletproof vest you need, you can go to our site to see different bulletproof vest types, this way you can choose what you need. We provide detailed information for each and each vest to help you choose the right vest for your needs.

You need to decide what model of bulletproof vest you need, read below for explanation.

External Bulletproof Vest

This vest has external pockets where you can add armor plates against rifle rounds.

Concealed Bulletproof Vest

This vest used under clothes, it also called concealable model.

Undercover Bulletproof Vest

This vest is the ultimate concealed bulletproof vest as an integrated part of your clothes.

Combat Bulletproof Vest

These vests come with external pouched or with MOLLE system to store combat gear.

Combat vests come in 2 main models:

  • With fixed pouches for your equipment and optional backpack attached to the rear of vest
  • Equipped with MOLLE system that allows to add pouches and other accessories that you need (and change them accordingly to the mission)

Choosing: Size

After you decided what model of the bulletproof vest you need, you need to make sure what size you need. For this we offers a size chart to help you with ordering the best bulletproof vest for your needs.

What to Consider

  • Will you use this vest under clothes or above clothes
  • Although a bulletproof vest needs to be tight on your body, you need to keep in mind that a smaller size has smaller area of protection and a bigger size adds more weight


  • Some models come with more flexible adjustment such as a wider Velcro area and some models are less adjustable
  • If you cannot decide between 2 sizes, from our experience in most cases it is better to order the larger size


Before buying a bulletproof vest you need to know against what threats it be used for and in what environment.

Ballistic Protection

  • In order to insure that a bulletproof vest will provide the protection you need, the manufacturer must test its ballistic material to verify the vest’s level of protection.
  • Some of the vests only provide protection against certain types of ammunition or only stop bullets at a lower velocity. Either way, the user should try to choose as high-rated vest as possible since it guarantees maximum safety.

Attracts Unwanted Attention

When person is wearing a bulletproof vest, it automatically attracts unwanted attention. If you are a cop or working in security and you must wear a bulletproof vest it is one thing. But in case you want to avoid from attracting attention, you should order concealed vest or undercover vest.

Hot weather

Many people do not take this into consideration, but some vests have a special internal mesh material that allows your body to “breathe.“ In hot weather, a vest may suffocate you from the heat. In order to avoid overheating, you need you buy a vest made with materials that breathe, allowing the trapped sweat and the hot air from your body to escape.

Use your bulletproof vest in the right way to maximize its protection.

Care and Maintenance: Cleaning

Cleaning and inspecting your bulletproof vest is important for maintaining its integrity. The vest should be inspected often for any rips or tears and to make sure all of the components are in good shape.

Tips for Cleaning:

  • Make sure to take it apart with care, this would also be a good time to check it over for any concerns.
  • Generally, to clean the ballistic panels you will use a damp cloth to wipe down the vest to remove any marks or stains. This should be done lightly.
  • Some carriers (not the ballistic panels themselves) are machine washable. If you choose to use the washing machine, do so on a light cycle, the carrier may also be washed with a rag. If you run it through the wash, allow it to air dry rather than putting it in the actual clothes dryer.
  • Lastly, you should not use air fresheners of any kind; these can have harmful side effects on your vest. If it smells, wash it.

Care and Maintenance: Storage

A bulletproof vest is the most important body armor product that you will use. Law enforcement officials use them daily and store them for short times between shifts. On the other hand the military may store its bulletproof vests for quite a while between big operations or wars.


Vests need to be stored in the appropriate way. Nonetheless, whether the vest is stored for long time or only for few days, you need to make sure it is stored properly!

Carry Bag

When you store the vest, it needs to be in its special bag and it needs to be in stored in a dry environment. You must ensure that proper care is taken in storage in order to avoid unnecessary damage!

Flat Shape

Regardless of what type of vest you have, it should always be laid flat when you’re not using it. You must never throw it in the trunk of your car or toss it on the floor. You should put it away carefully; to be sure it will stay flat, so that the ballistic material will not become damaged.

Cool and Dry Place

When the ballistic material becomes wet the vest can be damaged. Storing your vest in a dry place will protect it against mold and unnecessary damage. If your vest does get wet, lay it flat in a cool place, free of moisture and allow it to dry, before wearing it again. Although most vests are somewhat water resistant, if the vest remains wet or damp for any period of time it can jeopardize the effectiveness of the protective material.

Ballistic Rating

Remember, your vest is called bulletproof vest but it is actually bullet resistant vest, it do not provide complete bullet proof protection. These bulletproof vests come with ballistic rating made to protect against certain rounds in certain velocity.

Make sure your bulletproof vest provides the protection you need. As your bulletproof vest will not protect you against all threats you may be faced with.

Another thing to remember that a bullet-resistant vest is not stab-resistant vest, and these two separate protection that can be offered in same vest, this needed to take into consideration when you purchase your vest.

Although this is obvious, always keep on mind that your shell carrier do not provide any ballistic protection, it only meant to hold your ballistic soft armor panels, and in external vest is also have pockets for hard armor plates in additional soft armor panels.