Why Israeli Weapons Body Armor

Why should you buy bullet proof vest from Israeli Weapons? It really comes down to quality and knowing that the product you buy will last for years. A bulletproof vest is meant to protect a person from challenges in the field.

A quality bullet proof vest is going to be one that is manufactured with care in mind. Those who buy bullet proof vest are often in the military or law enforcement jobs that do put them into the line of fire. They require a bullet proof vest that is going to protect them, which is exactly what Israeli Weapons offers to its customers.

The design process that these vests go through ensures that the product is going to live up to the high demands of high standards and so the customer can use our products for years to come. The materials that are used in those bullet proof vests are some of the best that money can buy, and are way above what the market demands a manufacturer uses in their products.

This is all an aim of producing the best bullet proof vest on the market. Along with the high quality materials, a person knows that they are getting something that is going to be able to be used in the field, while also ensuring that they be protected with our ballistic vests.

Your Needs Met During Manufacturing

Israeli Weapons works to ensure that each bullet proof vest is of high quality and will meet user’s needs, no matter what type of job they may be involved in.

When going into a dangerous situation in which your life is on the line, you want to ensure that the best bullet proof vest that you are wearing going to withstand any threats that you are putting it up against.

All these bulletproof vests produced in Israel by Israeli Weapons under IWEAPONS® brand. Not everyone needs the same type of bulletproof vest, but all the bulletproof vests that are offered provide NIJ IIIA protection. This is the highest level of protection that a person can buy on the market. Along with this soft armor protection, we offer different armor plates that are meant to deal with specific situations, good remember this when you buy bullet proof vest.

Hard Armor Plates and Panels

Hard armor plates can be manufactured from ceramic or polyethylene, of which, polyethylene is the more lightweight material of the two. Other options include the use of trauma panels which can be used behind the chest area of the vest in order to help with the reducing of kinetic energy of the bullet proof vest when hit by a bullet round. The other option we have is anti-stab panels that are meant to deflect entry of a blade and spike in the body when used on a person.

These two main types of hard armor plates (ceramic and polyethylene) are made to fit just about every one of the bulletproof vests that are offered. These armor plates offered for bulletproof vests that are worn over the clothing, while we also offering another type of bullet proof vests that are able to be concealed, perfect for undercover use for those who do not want to show them wear one of these. We offer overt and covert bulletproof vest.

Due to all the needs we meet during manufacturing, a person can find the bullet proof vest that is going to best fit their needs. If the person were to be involved in hand-to-hand interaction, better to buy bullet proof vest with anti-stab panels or stab-resistant vest. While those in the military will find that an external bulletproof vest or a plate carrier with hard armor plates made from polyethylene are going to give them the highest ballistic protection.

Due to all our bullet proof vest being NIJ IIIA protection, so a person will be safe with whatever type of bullet proof vest they decide to go with. NIJ IIIA protection means that the vest can handle most of handguns that a person may come up with (see NIJ IIIA chart for more info).

But, it is one that Israeli Weapons feels strongly about, as we want to ensure that these bullet proof vests are going to live up their reputation as being a protective barrier between the wearer and the threat. This is just one of the ways in which these vests work to meet the exact need of the person. However, a person must also take into consideration that these vests come in different sizes, meaning that they can be customized to fit any person of any size.

Designed with Experience

Part of any best bullet proof vest quality is the design of the vest and what experience went into this design. IDF (Zahal) is one of the leading military forces in the world, and we work with them to design our bulletproof vests to be of the highest standards for those who order these and use them in real world applications.

The IDF (Zahal) experience can be seen in each one of the bulletproof vests that we manufacture, which is what puts Israeli Weapons at the top of the list in terms of quality products. In addition to this, every bulletproof vest designed is then tested in real field conditions to ensure that this vest is going to hold up to whatever scenario a person may find himself in.

All IWEAPONS® products that are manufactured by Israeli Weapons are put through rigorous testing to ensure that the products will do their job.

But in addition to this, the IDF gives their input on what can be done to ensure that these products work properly and are in the best order for those who would need these while out in the field. They can tell exactly what is needed since they are the ones who are using these products in the field.

Getting the stamp of approval from the IDF is not an easy task, as the military unit wants to ensure that each member is safe: this is why these members are given only the best in protection gear. This type of support and input from the field is not something that can be found with the other bullet proof vests on the market.

All the products that are produced by Israeli Weapons are tested with quality in mind. This cannot be overstated, as this is what sets our bullet proof vests apart from others that may be on the market. Being approved by the IDF, as well as the many police forces and SWAT teams that use these bullet proof vests every day is a high honor and shows just how well these bulletproof vests can perform in reality. Having the reassurance that the bullet proof vest is one that is going to work is a huge peace of mind for those who wear these.

Our Products

All of the bulletproof vests we offer are going to be the top of the line. However, the most common best sellers include external overt and concealable covert (concealed) bulletproof vests. No matter which model a person chooses, they can rest assure that they are getting a quality product that will be sure to stand up against the threats in the field. External bulletproof vests as IDF black and blue models meant to be worn on the outside of the clothes. Due to this, it can easily be equipped with different hard armor plates to make it comfortable for the wearer, but also provide higher ballistic protection.

The pockets for additional armor plates are on the front, in the chest area, and on the back of the vest. These vests are extremely durable, and this is one of the reasons why they are so popular. This is often the go to vest for police and military members as it has been tested and remains true to the results as all Israeli Weapons products strive to accomplish.

The undercover bullet proof vests and bulletproof jackets, are one of the better selling concealed vests offered by Israeli Weapons. This vest is made to be worn entirely undercover so no one will know I that you have body armor, there several models some of them to be used underneath the clothing. Though there are no external pockets in which a person can add plates. Some concealed bullet proof vests have interior pockets that can allow panels to be added to the vest if a person may feel it is needed.

Most bulletproof vests made of durable products with closures at the shoulders and around the sides, for a person to make this vest fit them as though it was custom made, as well as offering various sizes to choose from that is going to allow you to get a seamless fit.

The IDF white model is much similar to the concealed SWAT vest in that this is an under clothing vest to be worn, that is meant to minimize people knowing that a person has body armor. The white color also helps in making this blend under light colored clothing much better. In addition, this bullet proof vest has the shoulder and side adjustable connectors to make this much easier to fit a person, for a more customized fit.

This is in addition to the bullet proof vest being able to be purchased in sizes from Small to XXXL to ensure that anyone can find the size that best fits their body. For someone that buy bullet proof vest from Israeli Weapons they are getting a vest that has superior quality. This quality is going to last through whatever the person may put it through. And with all the options that there are available in terms of external or internal pockets for additional plates, a person can ensure they are protected.

Best bullet proof vest is not something in which a person should buy without proper research and knowing just what they are buying. Those who want to buy bulletproof vests from Israeli Weapons, a person can ensure that the product they are getting is one that they can rely on. With all the options that are offered, including the different panels that are manufactured from different sturdiest materials, as well as options in terms of how the vests fit, the person can ensure that they are getting something that is reliable and will protect their life.

The many different kinds of bullet proof vests are also a way in which a person can ensure that they are getting the best bulletproof vest that will impress them in terms of how well it fits and works. Whether a person needs to have a bullet proof vest that is easy to hide, or wearing this outside of their clothing, they will find that any of the bullet proof vests considered here will fit this need. No matter what you need in a bullet proof vest, you can find it with Israeli Weapons bullet proof vests. Buy bulletproof vests now to ensure that you are protected while on the job.