Be Prepared for Anything with High Quality Israeli Bulletproof Products

For bulletproof products that excel both in quality and protection, choose from the range of ISRAELI WEAPONS LTD modern vests, plates, panels, helmets and accessories. From IWEAPONS® vest to Ceramics & polyethylene plates , only the best industry-approved materials are used to ensure maximum ballistic resistance. Our products can provide coverage for every level of threat, and can be used together to enhance your safety under attack.

Bulletproof Vests

We have an impressive collection of IWEAPONS® vests that are light, tough and comfortable. Aramid fibers have the capacity to resist both single and multiple shots. Since it falls into the soft armor category, it can successfully absorb force from low to medium impact projectiles. However, when you wear it with our hard armor plate, its protection potential can increase to level III and IV.

Our Range of IWEAPONS® Vests:

  • Offer reliable resistance against bullets projected from multiple firearms
  • Optional protection against abrasions, cuts and chips from knives and other weapons
  • Are lighter for enhanced mobility and overall comfort
  • Boast a long lasting construction to guarantee durability
  • Approved by the National Institute of Justice

Armor Plates

Having a vest is good but if you need to beef up your safety, complementing your body armor with a bullet proof plate is a great choice. Among some of the most recommended plates are Ceramic and polyethylene designs. While Ceramic plates are more suitable for shorter, intense missions, polyethylene armor is preferred for extended, daily wear.
Ceramic plates, although heavier in weight, are harder and therefore capable of absorbing high level bullet impact. polyethylene armor also does not disappoint. Made from the toughest fibers in the world, it boasts unrivalled strength and hardness to provide excellent ballistic resistance. Both plates can deliver superior protection, durability and fit. Available in various sizes, they can be easily integrated into your level III and IV body armor.

Ceramic Plates Feature:

Improved Ballistic Resistance:

Ceramic plates are designed to deform the tip of a bullet when it hits the armor. When the Ceramic shatters, energy is quickly absorbed and spread over an area. This results in higher resistance and therefore better protection.

Modern Lighter Design:

Unlike older Ceramic plates that slowed down mobility with their weight, we offer the latest designs that are much lighter to make movement easy. Wearers can therefore move swifter and carry more equipment without suffering the weight of the armor as well.

Flexibility, Fit and Comfort:

Plates made with Ceramics-composites fit better because of their flexibility and breathability. Wearers can enjoy more comfort than ever before, and wear armor for extended periods of time.

Although polyethylene plates are different in structure to Ceramic designs, they can also deliver:

Higher Levels of Protection:

Fibers are efficient at dissipating higher concentrations of kinetic energy from impact. With a bullet proof vest, they can be suitable for level III and IV threat.

Light and Concealable Construction:

polyethylene plates are so light and discreet they can be worn over or under clothing. They also aid mobility and allow extended wear without causing much discomfort.

Impressive Sturdiness:

This plate design is one of the longest lasting in the industry. UV light, water and fireproof, they can survive exposure to extreme temperatures and conditions without compromising their effectiveness.

Anti-Trauma Panels

While some anti-trauma panels are built into the vest, others can be added to it to work as a shield against trauma caused by vest impact. Anti-stab panels are also available and designed to protect your vital organs from stabbings.

Ballistic Helmets

Helmets are an essential part of any body armor, especially in circumstances that pose a higher threat. There are light helmets made of Aramid fibers that provide resistance in low and medium threat situations. However, if you are in need of helmets compatible with harder armor, metal designs might be best. Available in black, blue and green, you can customize your armor to your needs and even opt for helmets with visor shields.


Taking care of your armor is now simple with our collection of useful, affordable accessories. Carry storage bags help you take good care of your helmets, vests and panels. Bags are designed to accommodate the size and shape of your gear to preserve their condition for many years.
If you have been searching for high quality, reliable, ballistic-resistant gear, ISRAELI WEAPONS LTD gear is a great place to start. All products are tested and qualified by the NIJ to make sure you get the industry’s very best.