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Merkava Tank and Namer APC Successfully Crossed a Water Barrier

Merkava tank crossing a water barrier

The Merkava tank and Namer armored personnel carrier (APC) successfully crossed a water barrier as part of its capability test. In this test the Merkava tank is part of the 7th Brigade. After continuous rains in Israel the IDF conducted an operational exercise for the Merkava and Namer APC to test their capabilities in different […]

Buy Body Armor And Bulletproof Vests For Sale

Buy Body Armor And Bulletproof Vests For Sale

You can buy bulletproof vest from our online shop, from many models that are available on our store. Our vests come in wide variety of styles and come with level IIIA protection. We offer many different types of bulletproof vests for sale that we developed for Israeli forces as the IDF. When your occupation requires […]

Carbine Conversion Kit

Israeli Weapons offer a wide array of carbine conversion kits for pistols, including various conversion kits, and special buttstocks for upgrade. We offer Personal Defense Weapon (PDW). These kits stand for quality, so you never have to worry about your kit breaking down or not performing properly. PDW kits for Glocks and other sidearms convert […]

Glock Handgun

Gaston Glock was firstly invented for the Austrian army after world war2. It was never used in US before the shootout of 1986 Miami FBI with a couple of psychotic bank robbers in which they failed to stop the causalities and the robbers. At that particular time they seriously realised that they need a new […]

Mossberg 500 Pump Action Series: All Purpose Shotgun

The Mossberg 500 pump shotgun is one of the most versatile shotguns available and features interchangeable barrels for use in different applications. Produced by O.F. Mossberg & Sons to military specifications, the guns emphasis is on durability, tolerance and dependability. The shotgun has a capacity of 6 rounds, with five in the magazine, and one […]

Remington 870 Accessories

When you’re trying to improve the performance of your firearm, choosing the best accessories is essential to getting the best out of your shotgun. Thankfully, for owners of the Remington 870 Shotgun, this firearms’ modern design means a wonderful variety of well crafted accessories are widely available on the market. Below are some of the […]

Hydration System

War always creates hardships and new challenges for suppliers of tactical equipment. From the first battle ever fought until today, providing an adequate amount of water to soldiers has been an issue. In World War 1 combatants were sent to the fields with one small canteen and life sustaining protein. Today, thanks to new technology, […]

Pistol Grips

Israeli Weapons pistol grips are the perfect upgrade for your gun to make it easier to handle. If your firearm pistol grip used too much or you just want to upgrade your gun, it may be time to replace it with an ergonomic, high performance pistol grip. What is a pistol grip? The terms “pistol […]

Two Variants of 30mm Unmanned Turret for Namer APC and Eitan AFV

Namer APC with 30mm Unmanned Turret

These unmanned turrets mount 30mm automatic cannon that contains 400 rounds and coaxial 12.7mm or 7.62mm machine gun with 700 rounds, they also have 60mm mortar that electronically loaded from inside of the turret. Turret can launch 6 smoke grenades for cover. Only one of these variants uses two Spike (Gil) anti-tank guided missile. These […]

IDF New Work Uniforms

IDF New Work Uniforms

IDF introducing new uniforms that doesn’t wrinkle and even have a special pocket for mobile phones. These uniforms will enter service during 2018, they including velcro for Israeli flag, soldier’s name and unit symbol. These new IDF work uniforms are especially made to be breathable, thin, non-wrinkling and tear resistant fabric. They look better than […]

Israeli Body Armor

Items manufactured under the brand name IWEAPONS® will not disappoint customers looking to protect themselves with the latest advancements in civilian and military defense. Israeli Weapons is the company responsible for the brand IWEAPONS®, and has a history of providing quality body armor and defense equipment to military and to civilians seeking protection from harm. […]

Future of Body Armor

Body armor is a commonplace feature to modern life. Whether it be ordinary civilian environments, high-conflict areas, or full-fledged warfare, body armor has its place across the board. Protection is the number one priority for mankind, and the advancements in body armor technology aren’t enough to satisfy people’s demand for perfection. This is why the […]

Operational Reception Ceremony of the David’s Sling Aerial Defense System

Today, April 2, 2017, the operational reception ceremony of the David’s Sling Aerial Defense System took place at the Hatzor Airbase. The event took place in the presence of the Prime Minister, Mr. Bejamin Netenyahu, the Minister of Defense, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman, The Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Gadi Eizenkot, Commander of the IAF, […]

Engineering Namer

Engineering Namer

The engineering Namer models made to over come obstacle as mines and anti-tank trenches. Same as the Namer APC (armoured personnel carrier) it be fitted with Trophy (also called Windbreaker) system. The engineering Namer has three models: Engineering Namer for the company commander with a bulldozer scoop: Engineering Namer for the platoon commander with anti-mine […]

New Equipment for Soldiers

New Equipment for Soldiers

Following operation Protective Edge, a new ceramic vest development was completed and its implementation in the field will be urged. The vest includes hard armor plates which are manufactured using new technology that reduces 15 percent of the weight compared with the vests that are used by the IDF nowadays: We managed to preserve the […]

IDF Issues Magnetic Cards for Soldiers to Purchase Gear

IDF Issues Magnetic Cards for Soldiers to Purchase Gear

The IDF has launched a new program, in which candidates for recruitment will receive a magnetic card before they enter the army, with whom they will be able to purchase clothing items tailored to their size. In advanced training after the basic training, they will receive a backpack with combat equipment that they will keep […]

Namer Merkava APC with Trophy

All new Namer APCs will be Equipped with Trophy

All New Namer APCs will be Equipped with Trophy Administration of the Merkava tank in the ministry of defense has completed these days the installation of the first Trophy (also called Windbreaker) on the Merkava armoured personnel carrier (Namer). Last week, the first operational experiment of Namer APC equipped with the advanced active defense system […]

IDF Introduces New Tactical Bulletproof Vest for Female Soldiers

IDF Introduces New Tactical Bulletproof Vest for Female Soldiers

Soon a fourth battalion will join the three gender mixed infantry battalions which operate nowadays in the IDF, and the trend of integration of women in combat roles continues. In order to make their service experience better, the soldiers got in the last months a new combat vest which is fitted to their body shape […]

IDF Supplies New Gear as Tactical Bulletproof Vests

IDF Supplies New Gear as Tactical Bulletproof Vests

Supply of combat equipment and personal belongings generally in the IDF and particularly in combat units – is in the midst of a revolution! What is purpose of the program? At the end of 2016 extensive work that was aimed at improving the complete response, unified and adapted for every fighting soldier, (man and woman) […]

IDF Introducing New Gear After Protective Edge

IDF Introducing New Gear After Protective Edge

After the IDF operation Protective Edge, many units are still engaged with investigation. Some immediate conclusions are already implemented, such as protective equipment for the infantry, tells chief of the combat equipment weapons department. The investigations that came after the fighting they figured out that there needs to be changes and improvements in protection in […]

Ministry of Defense Bought New Vests and Other Equipment for IDF

Ministry of Defense Bought New Vests and Other Equipment for IDF

Body armor, bulletproof vests, orthopedic backpacks, camouflage gear, new helmets and other equipment designed to make soldiers’ lives easier and safer: a rare visit to the purchasing management at the Ministry of Defense provides a glimpse into the entire process of purchasing equipment for the IDF soldiers, from the decision-making, through the strict examination of […]

New Combat Ceramic Bulletproof Tactical Vest for the IDF

New Combat Ceramic Bulletproof Tactical Vest for the IDF

In the past IDF soldiers used two vests, the ceramic bulletproof vest and combat vest on top, to carry gear. After years that soldiers needed to use a combat vest along with a ceramic vest while suffering from discomfort during combat, we combined both of these vests into one tactical bulletproof vest. This vest allows […]

IDF Introduces Anti-Stab Neck Protection for Soldiers

IDF Introduces Anti-Stab Neck Protection for Soldiers

The number of knife attacks by Palestinians and Israeli Arabs against the Israeli military and civilians have increased dramatically during 2016. In just the past couple of months, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have reported more than a hundred attacks. Assailants usually target the soldier’s neck, as that’s the most exposed portion of the body […]

IDF Reserve Soldiers Buy Bulletproof Vests

IDF Reserve Soldiers Buy Bulletproof Vests

IDF soldiers ending up buying their own combat gear as body armor. Citizens, regular and reserve soldiers privately buy bulletproof vests to protect their lives. With the increase in shooting attacks soldiers and citizens spending their money for buy new bullet proof vests for personal use. Among the buyers are parents of soldiers serving in the regular […]

Be Prepared for Anything with High Quality Israeli Bulletproof Products

For bulletproof products that excel both in quality and protection, choose from the range of ISRAELI WEAPONS LTD modern vests, plates, panels, helmets and accessories. From IWEAPONS® vest to Ceramics & polyethylene plates , only the best industry-approved materials are used to ensure maximum ballistic resistance. Our products can provide coverage for every level of […]

Body Armor Made in Israel by Israeli Weapons LTD

If you are in need of protection, bulletproof vest offers the highest level of protection possible. Bulletproof vests are worn by police officers, SWAT teams, private security guards, patrol officers, and more. Bulletproof vests are sometimes referred to as ballistic vests and they were developed in the 1960’s, primarily designed for the military at the […]

Bulletproof Made in Israel by Israeli Weapons LTD

Bulletproof Vests have always been associated with members of the Police like SWAT teams. However, they have become increasingly popular in various industries for protection and security. They are worn by private security parties, patrol officers and other people who need some additional protection from being shot. These vests are also called ballistic vests. The […]

Bulletproof Your Armor: What You Need to Know About Bulletproof Vests

As firearms become more powerful, bulletproof gear too is becoming more sophisticated to meet the rising level of threat. Although the bulletproof vest has evolved much since its invention, modern technology continues on its mission to make vests and plates more effective and comfortable. Regardless of your situation or occupation, you can browse through a […]

Everything You Need to Know about A Ballistic Helmet

There is very little doubt that weaponry and defenses have improved dramatically over the years. Of course, a single item has been passed down through the generations and protects the most important part of the body. Helmets were utilized during the days of the gladiators. Although they have evolved, they’re still used today! Now, those […]

Keep a Cool Head Under Fire: Best Bulletproof Helmets

You can experience top-rate protection, comfort and improved mobility with our ballistic helmet designs. Made specifically for level IIIA protection, they can resist higher threats than before. Helmets feature a buoyant construction to keep you light on your toes, and are made from breathable materials to keep your head cool under fire. With a variety […]

Mind Your Head: Your Bulletproof Helmet Guide

For those who face the threat of high velocity ammunition daily, a ballistic helmet is a great addition to your body armor. Over the years, bullet proof helmet designs have been modified to provide stability, comfort and pain-free wear. With advancements in technology, you can choose from a range of lightweight helmets that offer increased […]

Picking Out The Best Bullet Proof Vests

There are a lot of ways to protect yourself, especially if you’re going to be dealing with combat situations. Whether you’re a police officer, security guard, or concerned citizen, you will want to look into protecting your body from getting hit with a bullet. That’s where bullet proof vests come into play. These are what […]

Safeguard Your Life with Exceptional Affordable Israeli Bulletproof Products

Outstanding bullet resistance, excellent fit and lasting quality come standard with ISRAELI WEAPONS LTD bulletproof gear. Beginners and veterans alike can take advantage of our affordable range of ballistic resistant products to gear up for any level of threat. Whether you need soft armor vests or anti-stab panels, we boast a collection that will take […]

Stay Cool under Fire: How to Choose a Bulletproof Vest

When it comes to body armor, you cannot afford to compromise on quality. Wearing a bulletproof vest has proven to be one of the most effective methods of protection, provided you choose the right one. Before making your purchase, consider reading through this article where you will learn all you need to know about this […]

Tougher Than a Speeding Bullet: An In-Depth Look at the Bulletproof Vest

Body armor has been in existence for centuries, but it was not until the 1960s that the bulletproof vest became a must-have for anyone in the line of fire. Whether you are an officer in the police force or a ballistics enthusiast, wearing a vest can provide life-saving protection. Once made of animal skin, silk […]

What You Need To Know About Bulletproof Jacket

If you are a newbie, when it comes to bulletproof jackets, you will need to familiarize yourself with their benefits, safety ratings, and the different options that you will have to choose from. Below you will discover everything that you need to know about the bulletproof jacket and much more. Bulletproof Jacket Standards To truly […]