Benefits Of The Concealed Carry Holsters

If you are a security or undercover officer, you will not want your gun exposed for others to see. It is crucial that you purchase a concealed carry holster, one that will be suitable for your needs and preferences. Below you will discover the benefits and facts surrounding this type and brand of holster.

Concealing and Fast Draw

You may need to do a bit of research, before you actually purchase a pistol holster. It is crucial that you find one that will offer concealment and fast draw. The high hip holster will be hid from view, because it has a slight forward cant and allows for easy cross draw. It will keep the gun nestled next to your body, so you will have easy access to it at all times. These concealed carry holsters come with an injection molded belt loop, so it slip onto any 1.5-2.25” belt.
You should make sure to purchase a holster that is equipped with a non-abrasive lining, so your firearm’s finish does not get scuffed or scratched, when you remove it from the holster. You will also need to find a holster that is designed to fit your particular gun brand, because not all of them offer a universal fit.

Adjustable Swivel Feature

If you are searching for flexibility, when it comes to wearing a gun holster, you need to consider the adjustable swivel belt loop, which offers you the option of various carrying methods. You can easily adjust the belt loop, by rotating it to suit your needs. You will have complete flexibility on how you want to carry your pistol, so if you have become accustomed to a specific fast draw method, you will definitely be able to maintain it with this great feature.
A quick release thumb snap will play a huge role, in how fast you draw your pistol. Make sure that you do a bit of practice, so the snap becomes easier to release. This holster is available in right and left hand orientation, which is definitely a plus for left-handed officers.

Low-Cut and Compact

If you truly want to keep your gun concealed, you should consider the low-cut and compact design. This will definitely make your job easier, plus you will still receive a quick cross draw.
You will have the option of adjusting the tensioner with the wrench that is provided by the manufacturer. This paddle holster will not slide around, while you are wearing it, which is definitely a great benefit for all police officers and private detectives.
A vital thing to consider is the type of material that the holster is constructed out of. Leather is highly preferred, because it will offer an extended longevity and it feels good to the hands.


The vertical shoulder and open top belt holsters are also very popular. If you are new at wearing a concealed weapon, you may need to visit a gun shop and try your options on, before you actually purchase one. This will give you an idea of which type and brand will be suitable for your needs.