Bulletproof Briefcase

Our bulletproof briefcases come in various sizes though they do tend to arrive with a standard shape. Nevertheless, there are some briefcases that are a little different in shape. When it comes to bullet proof briefcases, well, they arrive in not only different sizes but also different shapes.

You see, there is the bulletproof bag that contains ballistic material, which can be used to shield against the occasional shot of gunfire that might happen to come your way.

This sort of bullet proof bag is no lightweight, however. You’re looking at something around the 3-7kg so they are no stroll in the park if you fancy going for a light lunch some place and bringing your briefcase along with you, just in ‘case’.

Additionally, they are made from a type of ballistic Aramid, generally with a laminated Aramid interior just to provide some extra ‘oomph’ whenever the need arises. But these things don’t come cheap. On the other hand, however, if you really are looking for a level of professional discretion, you surely can’t beat a bulletproof case.

Why a Bulletproof Briefcase?

This type of body armor is for the individual who’s looking for low-profile ballistic protection. The sort of individuals who are involved in corporate security, executive protection, and undercover law enforcement.

And although the bags are not exactly lightweight, they remain light enough to offer portability over extended periods of time. Furthermore, they can easily be deployed in ‘stressful’ situations. Plus, they provide a large area for protection even though they come in a small package.

Moreover, they can be used by anyone and everyone, thus the market demand stretches wider than the client groups mentioned above. You can add educators, private security officers, workplace safety personnel, as well as home and family defense operatives to the lengthy list of potentials.

How It Work?

These briefcases appear very much like the standard briefcase. The shape and size around the same. Though, when unfolded, they stretch out to provide large area of ballistic protection.

Additionally, they’ve been tested by laboratories that have been approved by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) for their ballistic resistance. Thus they are certainly no prank. They are the real deal, no two-ways about it. These briefcases will of course hold a laptop or a tablet, but they may also come with a taser, a firearm, as well as emergency gear.

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