IDF Supplies New Gear as Tactical Bulletproof Vests

IDF Supplies New Gear as Tactical Bulletproof Vests

Supply of combat equipment and personal belongings generally in the IDF and particularly in combat units – is in the midst of a revolution!

What is purpose of the program?

At the end of 2016 extensive work that was aimed at improving the complete response, unified and adapted for every fighting soldier, (man and woman) in the area of personal gear and fighting equipment. The plan includes adjusting the equipment for fighting purposes of the force with improved quality and proper quantity.

IDF decision to invest resources in the project came with the intent and understanding for the need for a quantum leap in improving the abilities of the soldiers, improving the quality of equipment and its suitability for the two combating populations, building confidence for the fighter, eliminating committed parents phenomenon that purchase equipment for the soldier and eliminating the phenomenon of donations.

What equipment’s are given? Do all units get the same equipment?

Each fighting squad was diagnosed individually and gets different equipment tailored to its operational needs. Aid measures for the fighting are optimized according each unit needs. The commando unit will need other measures than infantry combat units, or from an artillery unit, etc.

In the next stage of the plan, every new recruit in the IDF will be able to buy items including a variety of personal equipment and sports equipment. The items will be adapted to the nature of the recruit’s service, by card points that can be used in civilian stores.

What is the difference between the new equipment and the existing equipment?

The new equipment is in higher and enhanced quality adapted to the needs of the fighter depending on the units to which he belongs.

When and how do you get the equipment?

IDF Supplies New Gear as Tactical Bulletproof Vests - CAT Tourniquet

The revolution enters in pace, the new recruits and their first two years are a ranked transition period. Fighting equipment will be distributed at the end of the advanced training, where soldiers get to the battalions, and this is where new equipment is less worn and is being used as a personal item for any length of their service.

The basket includes generic items that all combat units receive it is containing specific equipment tailored to each population. Generic basket will include: 3 liters drinking bag, helmet, goggles, helmet cover, CAT tourniquet, bandage and an storage bag. Mixed units (man and woman together) will receive these items in the end of their training.

What happens if I change my unit?

Equipment is personal and will stay with the soldier to wherever he goes during his military service. With the transition to the combat battalions, this equipment will be accompanied as personal equipment throughout their military service; this will encourage responsibility and the desire to maintain the equipment in good condition. This means that if the soldier is transferred outside the unit / moves to a unit in the same system and profession, he doesn’t return his equipment. If a soldier passes from the position / role of a combat to a rule that doesn’t require combat equipment, he will return the equipment in his possession.

If I’m a fighter now, and I recruited after August 2016, will I continue to use the old equipment?

Equipment distribution program came into effect last February, and will be distributed to those who have completed advanced training. In every basic training, soldiers will use existing equipment, since in this period of time there is high erosion in the equipment. Fighters that are now in regular service possess a lot of equipment that provides a solution to their tasks (although that it’s not personal and new). In some small items and a certain percentage of the order of battle, regular regiments will have their items refreshed.

Where the budgets revolution comes from?

The subject received the General Staff priority, and got his budget as part of the ground forces and the Technological and Logistics Directorate work plan.

What happens with my personal gear when it needs replacement / wears out / perish?

There is a regulated process that can answer depreciation of equipment due to the erosion in light of operational and training use. This equipment will be repaired and replaced if necessary. However, there is an expectation of intensification punishment for corrupted or lost equipment as a result of negligence.

What will happen to the surpluses of old equipment?

If the equipment is in good condition, it will be transferred to other units and will be used for other purposes (training, exercises, etc.)

When should you ultimately return the equipment?

The soldier will be acquitted his equipment on his release day. At the same time considering the possibility that this equipment or part of it will also continue with the solder to the reserve part.