Keep a Cool Head Under Fire: Best Bulletproof Helmets

You can experience top-rate protection, comfort and improved mobility with our ballistic helmet designs. Made specifically for level IIIA protection, they can resist higher threats than before. Helmets feature a buoyant construction to keep you light on your toes, and are made from breathable materials to keep your head cool under fire. With a variety of colors to pick from, you can add this bullet proof gear to your armor for a streamlined look.

Our Bulletproof Headgear:

  • Provide advanced level IIIA protection
  • Lightweight for increased mobility
  • Offers reliable stability
  • Guarantees comfort for extended wear
  • Boasts outstanding NIJ-approved quality
  • Promises lasting toughness

Our Range

Our collection includes light helmets, a material renowned throughout the industry for its light weight, flexibility and superior strength. It is the ideal item to add to soft body armor and is as tough as it is lasting. If you need headgear to match harder body armor, there are metal helmets available. Although slightly heavier than our light helmets, they make up for their weight with more resilience and absorption capacity.
For extra coverage, we stock helmets with visors that provide a strong shield to protect the face. This headgear comes in blue, green and black. This way, you can select the color that best matches your team’s uniform or clothing. Make sure you know the head sizes to guarantee a comfortable fit.

Superior Protection

All bulletproof helmets meet level IIIA requirements and deliver top-class protection against ammunition of high velocities. Our headgear is designed for maximum shock absorption, and has been tested and proven to minimize injury and decrease fatalities. This range can successfully resist ammunition projected from medium and high caliber weapons, such as 9 mms and 44 mag firearms. Helmets go above and beyond meeting safety standards to provide superior coverage and you can rely on.

Light Weight Construction

Because survival relies heavily on your ability to stay mobile, our designs boast some of the lightest shells in the market. Lighter shells mean better mobility and easier movement. Another major advantage of lighter designs is that they reduce fatigue. This allows you to wear your gear for a longer length of time, whether you are on patrol or in combat.

Advanced Stability

Each ballistic helmet features a sophisticated harness system for a secure fit. Harnesses can be adjusted to your preference and allow you to add headsets and other essential add-ons effortlessly. Gear is so stable it can be worn in ground and airborne missions. Stability is vital on the battlefield and our designs can ensure you receive just that.

Ultimate Comfort

Your armor is like your second skin and it should fit like it too. This is why we offer one of the most comfortable ranges in the industry. Our helmets are designed to be worn pain-free and to keep discomfort to a minimum. We stock many sizes to help you make the right choice and with different features to select a design that is appropriate for your threat level.

Exceptional Quality

Quality is paramount when purchasing head armor. The better the quality of the helmet, the more effective it is at providing protection. Quality also determines how long it will last. Our bullet proof helmets are made of world-class materials to ensure exceptional bullet resistance. They are also built to last and stay in great condition even after years of repetitive wear.
All our products are NIJ pre-approved before sale. This means helmets undergo vigorous procedures to make sure they comply with industry regulations. You can rest easy knowing that your gear can meet the threat head on.

Impressive Durability

Sturdiness comes standard with this modern range. Materials used to make the headgear are impervious to damage, even when exposed to natural elements and repetitive use. The constructions of the helmets are made to keep away wear and tear longer. Stretch out the life of your gear by storing it away in storage bags.

Optimize Protection and Comfort

Take advantage of upgrade kits designed to make your body armor stronger and more comfortable. Add-ons like helmet pads can improve the fit significantly, as well as keep the inside of the helmet sweat-free. Most pads are flame-retardant and others feature waterproof fabric.
For an impressive range of bulletproof helmets, browse through our collection of metal, light and visor shield gear. Sturdy, strong and comfortable, you can be equipped for high level threat with the best protective gear in the industry.