Mind Your Head: Your Bulletproof Helmet Guide

For those who face the threat of high velocity ammunition daily, a ballistic helmet is a great addition to your body armor. Over the years, bullet proof helmet designs have been modified to provide stability, comfort and pain-free wear. With advancements in technology, you can choose from a range of lightweight helmets that offer increased protection and a good fit.

Types of Bulletproof Helmets

Depending on the degree of protection you need, you can choose from a collection of light, metal and face shield helmets. Light helmets are made from aramid fibers that provide coverage and comfort at the same time. Metal designs provide superior protection against high-speed ammunition, while shield helmets include a visor for facial coverage. Designs are also available in blue, green and black to match the rest of your armor.

Protection Level

All metal, light and visor bulletproof helmets are designed to resist NIJ IIIA protection level. Level IIIA body armor is made to endure fire from medium to high caliber weapons, such as 9mm and 44 mag firearms. Helmets are ideal for anyone from police officers to Special Forces. They are also suitable for airborne operations.


Because the weight of your helmet affects your level of mobility, ballistic-resistant headgear weighs less than its predecessors. The lightweight construction allows easy and smooth movement, and can be worn for extended periods of time without causing discomfort. Whether you are on patrol or in heavy combat, movement will remain effortless and unlabored.


An unstable helmet can hinder movement and reaction, which can have serious consequences in high-risk operations. To prevent this, each ballistic helmet features a harness system to improve overall stability. Harnesses secure the helmet firmly without compromising any of the comfort. Some designs allow headsets, pads and other add-ons to be attached securely to the helmet by the harness.

Comfort and Fit

The best way to ensure comfort is to choose helmets in the correct size. A helmet a size too small can disturb peripheral vision and give way to injury, and a size too big can make it unstable. Apart from size, modern head armor is deliberately intended to be well-fitting, light and comfortable. While some designs spot webbing for easy wear, others have a buoyant shell. Whether it is made of metal or fibers, in the right size, your helmet can provide a comfortable fit.


Bullet-resistant helmets are tested thoroughly to make sure they meet safety and quality NIJ standards. A crucial test these designs are required to pass is the shock absorption test. How well your helmet can absorb force from ammunition determines how much protection you can expect. To be certified as level IIIA coverage, they must be tested against bullets of the same level. Therefore, you can be rest assured that your armor will hold its own under fire.

Helmet Upgrades

There are many add-ons available that you can use to enhance the comfort, fit and effectiveness of your helmet. Helmet pads are some of the best accessories you can have. Pads reduce any discomfort you might experience drastically and can improve the fit. They are ideal if you are planning to wear your headgear for longer periods of time.
On top of adding to comfort, helmet pads also help to stabilize your helmet. This is highly beneficial especially if your headgear is too large. Flame-resistant and waterproof, these pads can protect you from fire and keep the inside of your helmet dry and free from unwanted moisture.


All helmets are made from highly durable materials to ensure long lasting quality. The industry-approved construction is designed to withstand years of pressure, wear and effects from nature’s elements. However, it is still important to care for your gear. Storing your helmet in a storage bag can lengthen life. Keep gear in a safe place and adhere to other care instructions to get the most out of your purchase.

Far from the heavyset designs they once were, bullet proof helmets now offer the mobility, fit and protection that you need. Available in blue, green and black, you can select a color that matches uniforms or your personal preference. Whether you need a lighter helmet that keeps you mobile or more resilient metal headgear, you can enjoy level IIIA protection at its best.

Stable and comfortable, they are intended for anyone at risk of medium to high velocity ammunition. Although helmet construction provides more comfort than ordinary designs, it is wise to purchase gear in the right sizes to maximize comfort. Find a matching ballistic-resistant vest and add-ons to ensure you are completely bullet proof.