Stab Resistant Vests

As the name implies, a stab resistant vest is an article of clothing that is worn over or under normal clothing or a uniform to protect the wearer against stab wounds. They are worn by all kinds of professionals, ranging from police officers and military personnel to security guards and people who need anti-stab and anti-knife protection.

Stab Resistant Vest vs. Bulletproof Resistant Vest

Stab resistant vests often look similar to bulletproof vests, but it’s important to note that these are two different used for different situations. That is, a stab resistant vest will offer protection from knives, needles and other sharp-tipped weapons, but they are not effective against bullets. Likewise, most bulletproof vests will prevent injury or death during a shooting, but they will not work in a stabbing or slashing situation.

Who Needs a Stab Resistant Vest?

Simply put, anyone who may be at risk for a stabbing attack should invest in a stab resistant vest. The obvious choices would be police officers, military personnel and security officers. However, there are a host of professions that face the very real danger of a knifing attack.

For example, bouncers at a nightclub may encounter an inebriated and unruly patron who takes offense to being escorted out. Paramedics could be subject to stabbing attacks from patients using hypodermic needles. Corrections officers working in prisons are always at risk from attack from prisoners using sharp, homemade weapons.

How Do You Choose a Stab Resistant Vest?

The stab vests of in the past were not pleasant to wear. They were often rigid, heavy and ill fitting. Today’s technologically advanced vests bring welcome changes. First, they are much lighter and more pliable.

They are easily worn under clothing, and they do not severely limit range of motion. Furthermore, some vests also offer additional protection against blunt-trauma attacks, including kicks and punches.

Modern stab resistant vests are available in several sizes and configurations. It is important that you carefully measure yourself before making your vest purchase to guarantee that you choose a piece that will offer the greatest protection.

Usually you will need to know your chest, stomach, shoulder-to-stomach and sternum-to-stomach measurements. While you can measure yourself, you’ll obtain better results if you allow someone else to help.

Wearing a Stab Resistant Vest

Most new vests are designed to be worn over or under clothing. Deciding how to wear your vest will depend greatly on your occupation. For example, bouncers, security guards and private detectives may choose to wear their vests under clothing so as not to draw attention.

Whether you wear your vest over or under clothing, you must always make sure that it fits well and that all clips and straps are properly attached. If you find that there are parts of your body that are still exposed after properly attaching the vest, such as your sides or sternum, you may need to opt for a larger size.

If you find that your vest rides up when you move, you may be wearing a vest that is too small or you may have your fastenings too tightly attached.

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  1. Ray says:

    Good information regarding body armor. I thought that all bulletproof vests would protect against stabbing, too, but I see I was wrong. Thanks for teaching me something new!

    • Sheldon says:

      I also didn’t know that bulletproof vests didn’t protect from knife attacks. I am starting a new job at the prison, and I was going to buy a regular bulletproof vest. Now, I’ll spend some time looking for one that protects against bullets and knives.

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