Tips for Choosing the Right Body Armor

Throughout the years, people that faced dangerous situations equipped themselves with body armor! Although the technology and manufacturing of these items have undoubtedly changed and improved, the overall purpose was typically the same. The armor was there to ensure that the wearer made it through the day and went home at the end of the night. In today’s society, there are some specific professionals and individuals that should wear body armor, while on duty! Security guards and police officers need the extra protection that body armor is capable of providing. Of course, choosing the right armor is crucial. Below, you will find tips that can lead you in the right direction.

Protection Levels

When attempting to select armor, it is absolutely vital to set some guidelines. What types of threats are you facing? Remember that some types of bulletproof vest are capable of protecting against certain type of bullets, while others are not. If you’re dealing with potential blunt force, you’ll want a vest that can protect you against it. In the same sense, a knife can penetrate through some bulletproof vest, but vest with anti-stab protection be resistant to it. Make sure that you inspect the requirements of your duty and determine your biggest concerns first!
Although your bullet proof vest might be a little heavy, you want it to protect you! Your overall safety should come before everything else! Once you’ve got these things noted, you can move on to personal preferences.

Personal Considerations

During the bulletproof vest selection process, you will want to ensure that you choose one that fits you to perfection! Of course, you’ll want to get fitted and measured. At the same time, the vest should fit your preferences. There are a lot of potential considerations, which are listed below for your convenience.
The Armor’s Heat: Some of these vests can be very hot! If you live in a located that is hot throughout the year, you might want to opt for a vest, which is capable of allowing your body to breathe. The heat can make the vest uncomfortable, but it is vital to deal with it.
Comfort: Some of these vests are more comfortable than others. Remember that your protection is gone, as soon as you remove the vest! Therefore, you should ensure that the armor is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day.
Mobility: Mobility is also extremely important! You’ll still want to be able to give chase and capture the bad guys. This will be much more difficult to do, if the body armor fits around your body like a straightjacket. If the vest prevents you from moving about easily, it will become a hindrance.
Weight: Weight is extremely important and factors into the comfort and mobility of the vest. Obviously, a heavier vest is going to be less comfortable and will be more difficult to carry around. Still, it’ll likely be safer. Therefore, you’ll need to make a personal determination in this regard.
At the end of the day, your safety is most important. Second, you should take the factors above into account. As long as you don’t allow your protection to diminish, you will be fine!