What To Look For When Purchasing Mossberg 500 Accessories

The Mossberg 500 is a pump action shotgun that is available in 12 or 20 gauges. If you are serious about protecting your home and family, you may require a few accessories. There is a large collection of accessories for you to select from, but it is important to know each product, before you actually purchase them. Below you will discover a short list of accessories and their benefits.

Slide Safety

Most Mossberg gun owners are adamant about safety, but the factory slide safety is constructed with plastic materials, so most individuals select to replace it with a better brand. The stainless steel slide safety is available and will enhance your and the gun’s safety. The action of going from safe to fire, within a matter of seconds must be done is a safe manner and that is why you should consider purchasing the stainless steel slide safety.

Shotgun Scabbard

The shotgun scabbard is a must, because it will allow you to tote your Mossberg 500 in a very safe manner. You will also have easy and quick access to your gun, as well. The shotgun will fit snuggly inside of the scabbard like a sleeve. The adjustable shoulder strap will offer you some flexibility, so you can customize it to fit your size perfectly. You can simply place it across your shoulder or chest and still have easy access to your gun. The high-quality nylon canvas is very durable and will offer an extended longevity.

Sidesaddle Mount

The sidesaddle accessory will mount on your shotgun near the forend. It is capable of holding 6 shells and will look extraordinary on your shotgun. It offers extremely easy and quick access to the shotgun shells, which is important, when you are hunting. It is constructed of heavy duty plastic, so you will never have to clean it or be concerned about tarnish or rust buildup. The breacher barrel is another great Mossberg accessory, which is constructed out of 6061 T6 aluminum with black matte anodizing, so it will withstand the elements. The breacher allows you safely blow off a door lock, without dangerous risks. If you attempted to perform this action, without the breacher, the back pressure could cause some serious damage. Many gun owners like to modify their shotguns, because they want them to fit their hands like a glove. You can purchase a saddle scope mount that is constructed out of lightweight aircraft aluminum, which will not rust, when exposed to the elements. This mount will securely hold any optic and is fully capable of handling strong recoils. You will need to install the mount onto your shotgun, which can be completed within a matter of minutes. The fit and finish are superb and you will be able to shoot 1000s of shells, without any screws loosening.


Some other Mossberg 500 accessories that are available are the recoil pad, forend weaponlight, and the receiver sling mount. If possible, you should try to purchase accessories that are constructed out of heavy duty metal, because you will receive a longer service life from them.