What You Need To Know About Bulletproof Jacket

If you are a newbie, when it comes to bulletproof jackets, you will need to familiarize yourself with their benefits, safety ratings, and the different options that you will have to choose from. Below you will discover everything that you need to know about the bulletproof jacket and much more.

Bulletproof Jacket Standards

To truly protect yourself from the dangers of a bullet, you will need to accustom yourself with the NIJ standards. The purpose of these standards is to rate the bullet proof jacket, so you will know what type of protection you are going to be getting with each brand. It is crucial that you purchase a vest that has been tested by the NIJ, because they work in conjunction with each other to ensure everyone that they are fully protected, when they purchase a specific vest brand.
Just because a vest is bulletproof does not mean that it will protect you from the piercing of a knife. NIJ works diligently to set specific standards to ensure that body armor stands up to the promise of completely protecting you from stabs and spikes.

Precise Sizing is Crucial

The main reason why precise sizing is crucial is because you will not be fully covered, by the bulletproof vest, if it is too large or small. Having open gaps on your sides or lower abdomen would make you vulnerable to a bullet. The front centerline measurement is very important, because you do not want a vest that is too long or short. If this measurement is off by several inches, the neck scoop could potentially put pressure on your throat every time you bend over or stoop down. Take the time to speak with a sales representative to obtain the precise front centerline measurement, before you agree to purchase the bulletproof vest.

Thickness and Flexibility

The bulletproof vest’s density or thickness is crucial, because the thicker the fabric, the more protection you will have against larger caliber bullets and shells. The Level II vest which basically means that it is fully capable of protecting you from 9mm and .357mag ammunition.
The Level III-A vest will be fully capable of protecting you from 9mm and .44 mag ammunitions. The flexibility rating is very important, as well, because bulletproof vests can alter your shooting performance and breathing pattern. Some vests only have average flexibility, which means you will need to wear it for some time, before it breaks in. Excellent flexibility rating virtually means that the flexibility will be just that, even, when you are wearing it for the first time.

Color and Size Options

You will have several bulletproof vest colors to select from including black, white, navy blue, tan, and green. You will also be able to select from X-Short all the way up to XXX-Long, so you will be able to find a vest that is capable of providing you with complete coverage.


Always remember that precise sizing is important and being a newbie, you may not be familiar with all of the rules of measurement. You may be better off to visit a Israeli Weapons body armor shop, until you become more comfortable with your knowledge of the bulletproof vest.