Bulletproof / Body Armor Made in Israel by Israeli Weapons LTD

If there is one thing that is normally constant about technology is change. Times have proved that technology is evolving constantly to provide more advanced and better products. This fact also stands true when it comes to the case of bulletproof / body armor products. These products have evolved with a wide range since their launching. An armor is one of the tools that is used to offer security to military and police. The body armors that existed in the earlier times were made using the animal skins and were later developed and made from metal. But even these armors that are made using metal have proved to be somewhat ineffective when used by people to providing protection against modern battles. Great efforts have been made in an attempt to provide safeguard individuals against these modern threats like bullets. As such, there are various kinds of soft body armors that have evolved today that offer an unmatched protection.

How Does a Bulletproof / Body Armor Function?

These soft armors are manufactured using some fabrics that are special and very strong in nature such that they stop the bullet from penetrating them (with reduce trauma). These fibers are very diligent and have the capability of protecting the one wearing this protection, from bullets and other items that are dangerous come in contact with them. This piece of clothing actually changes the item in such a manner that it devastates it capability of causing harm to the target. When this happens, the force that the bullet or any such item had on the target is distributed and spread out by this body armor. They can be worn very easily and look just like the normal clothing. Additionally, they are hardly visible to anyone when worn (especially for concealed vest) and they prove to be very comfortable. They usually appear or look like just the usual clothing but they are capable of blocking big verity of bullets from penetrating through the body armor. Soft body armors that exist today are different types and they provide high protection for less weight for personal. For instance, bulletproof vests are widely used by Israel IDF (Zahal). They are one of the most popular type of soft armors that are used worldwide today. There are many other types of these soft armors that are available that assist in improving the safety especially when combined with other body armors like armor plates.

Using a soft armor is perfectly suited for various agencies that deal with law enforcement like police, military and detectives especially if they are regularly in situations that are life threatening. This can ensure that the military personnel are perfectly safeguarded even when in those hardest scenarios. This is the reason why bulletproof / body armor made in Israel developed with experience of IDF (Zahal), and in use with IDF (Zahal). Additionally, other individuals of high ranks like businessmen, film stars and politicians are advised to wear soft body armor. This is because such high profile personnel are vulnerable to an attack and having worn soft body armors can be used to tackle such a situation. These armors can add a great level of safety to anybody even in cases of civil unrest. Safeguarding life using the best bullet proof and body armors is now readily available in Israel with Israeli Weapons LTD that is dedicated to offer a wide range of bulletproof / body armor products and at a very reasonable price. Having an enormous experience in the armor industry, Israeli Weapons LTD offers effective solutions for various kinds of situations that involve life threats.

Reason to Purchase Bulletproof / Body Armor

There are various reasons as to why you should consider buying yourself bulletproof / body armor in case you are a civilian as policemen or working in security or in another related work. This protective clothing has been used successfully by military personnel, detectives, enforcement officers and many other individuals all through history. Body armors effectively absorb impact that could likely kill or injure an individual. In the world of today, civilians need to stay alert to issues such as drugs, criminal activity such as gangs, terrorist’s threats and even just drive by shootings.

The following are a few reasons as to why you should buy a bulletproof / body armor

There are various reasons as to why one should consider wearing a bulletproof / body armor. There exist very many violet crimes that are happening daily. These crimes span from petty mugging to serious gang linked crimes. There are a hundred of fights, hold ups, robberies and other kinds of crime that happen on daily basis. While we all of us understand that the personnel erected by the authorities to safeguard our lives as civilians actually wear these armors, then why do we keep on visiting the same places and walking in the same streets completely unprotected? The moment you get out of your home, you stand a chance of being a victim of any sort of crime. Therefore, it is crucial that you get yourself this type of a clothing.

There is a possibility that you may feel some slight discomfort the moment you purchase a bulletproof / body armor and wear it. So, don’t panic as you will get used to it. In the market of today, these armors are made in such a way that it assures you of your comfort by being comfortable and lightweight on slipping it on. The moment you consider the fact that the armor may really save you from experiencing death or an injury as a result of a crime, the petty issue of being comfortable appears irrelevant. You will soon find that wearing the armor is comfortable in case you let yourself get used to it.

Bulletproof / Body Armor for the Military

The bulletproof armor becomes an invaluable item when at warfront. Every military personnel has to deal with the notion of shot anytime when they are in action. Although the bulletproof armor does not 100% elevate the fear the soldiers they may be having, it does assure that in case a bullet hits the torso, the crucial organs are safeguarded. Some of these body armors contain a camouflage patterns of high quality applied to the outside layer. This implies that the armor does not make the military personnel visible anymore to the enemy while put on. The application of ceramics made of alumina in making Type IIIA bulletproof Vest ensures that the one wearing it can still move swiftly and quite easily around the war field. Moreover, it offers a protection that is reliable from ballistic war field weaponry.

Most people are not aware of the fact that there is a grown demand for this bulletproof armors even on animals. You will most of the times find these armors on horses, K9 dogs and other types of animals which are used by IDF (Zahal) in the line of duty. These animals can be used to serve in different departments of the military, police and the private sector. In most situations, the civilians will see the performing duties in the fields of corrections, search items and law enforcement. Part of these equipment developed and made be Israeli Weapons LTD.

Another important parameter about military bulletproof armor is the fact that it is usually engineered to offer the soldier of the modern time with extra storage apace and tactical pockets for ammo, pen knives etc. The most common difference between the usual body armors and the military armors is that they have extra metal plates which are long enough to offer much more comprehensive protection. The plates can basically be added to guard not only the groin and the torso but also the upper arms area. These Vests mostly Type NIJ IIIA. Body Armor plates can be added to the vest with level NIJ III (3) and IV (4), right now the highest level of protection is IV (4) that is normally bought by the Israeli military forces, IDF (Zahal). This type of armor is applied when the soldiers require protection from armor-piercing rounds. This is actually the highest level of protection that is provided today (Type IV).

Selecting a Bulletproof / Body Armor

When you are making up a decision to get yourself a bulletproof / body armor, it is advisable that you take your time and conduct a proper research on the type of armor you wish to purchase. While you may obviously like the best protection possible, it’s not a surprise you to find out that the body armor that has the highest rating may not meet your needs because of its weight. For this reason, it good to keep a few points in your mind the moment you are buying a new bulletproof / body armor.

One of the points you need to know is that the very reason that you are guarded by the bulletproof / body armor is that they cover big part of your body. What this implies is that a fitting armor plays an important role when you are purchasing a body armor. In case you happen to select an armor that is loose extremely, there are chances that because of the loose fitting, the gaps may make you a vulnerable target and for this reason the body armor will definitely not play its role or serve its purpose.

On the other side, when you chose to buy an extremely tight armor, then the chances are that you will find yourself feeling completely not comfortable and this will lead to restricted movement, in situations like these ones, it becomes less useful having a body armor since considering either way, you will find out that you will not enjoy the real benefit of having an armor. Thus, it is good to try on the armor before you can decide on purchasing it (or see size chart offered by Israeli Weapons LTD). This way you can rule out the likelihood of the cases outlined above. In case you happen that you are purchasing it from an online store, ensure that the shop provides an exchange in case it happens that the body armor that you select doesn’t perfectly fit you.

Another important point to keep in mind about bulletproof / body armor is there does not exist any single standard material or size that they come in. What this means to you as the buyer is that you must put in an effort to find the model you need. Remember that various thicknesses offer various levels of protection. You can’t help it but make slight comprises on comfort as you do your shopping for the best bulletproof / body armors that are available in the market as this body armors are extremely crucial in saving your life yet invariably bulky.

Just like any other product, you are going to find out that there are various retailers in Israel that sell body armors thus what you need to ask yourself is whether they are genuinely trustworthy. The reason why you must ponder about this because it is life and death that you may be playing with.

The body armor that you buy is one of the best in case it meets the as suggested by the National Institute of Service. With these few tips in mind, it is possible to get a bulletproof / body armor that offers you as much comfort as possible without subjecting you to too much discomfort.

Extensive research have been done and proved that wearing an armor could reduce the risks you encounter in various tough jobs and hence bring all difference. Thus, sign up for a secure life by getting yourself a bulletproof / body armor from Israeli Weapons LTD and enjoy the true value of your cash and a healthy life as well.