Bulletproof Ballistic Helmet

When you buy all the other gadgets, buy a bulletproof helmet. The helmet is used to protect your head from any type injuries. Being one of the oldest best known made product to be used for protection. The helmet was made and used by many in the early years of our time. So as well they are made and used today for the same various reasons. In the early 20th century was when the covers with a more camouflage look. Camo was and still is popular in many American wars and is still used today during the small battles out there now.

At Israeli Weapons you will have a number of ballistic helmets to choose from. Finding one that will work for you will not be that hard of you already have an idea of what you want. The main ones that you will find at their website, you have the Ballistic protection, new bulletproof IWEAPONS® helmet body armor. All of their helmets are level IIIA in protection grade and are pretty sturdy. If you want a more camouflage type look they have the color to best suit your needs. The helmets I’ve mention first don’t have a face protector so be careful and use something that can prevent fly away debris and debris that can easily enter your mouth. You have three different types to choose from. The other one is the Protective face Visor Shield Bulletproof IWEAPONS® Helmet, all in green. This bullet proof helmet has a face visor to protect your eyes from any bright light attacks and things going in your eye as you work. When you need that extra protection look into the Israeli Weapons online and order them. If you still want a bit more information, ask them and I’m sure you get the answers and help you will be in need of. Each of these helmets can be very help and can go well with any type of body armor you happen to decide and buy from the Israeli. And so last but not least will be the Ballistic Protection Bulletproof metal helmet. This helmet is of course metal and can seem a bit on the heavy side but you can easily get used to it with time. With this helmet the style is about the same as the one I talked about before. The shape and the way it looks give it its own category though. You can tell it can protect you in many ways and will continue to be helpful. All of the helmets and material were made with the influence of IDF (Zahal) experience. Go by the website today for even more information and ways to buy and order.