Bulletproof Helmet

The combat or bullet proof helmet has been around for a very long time. They were called battle helmets that were made to protect the wearers head at all times. There were a lot of styles and different materials that was used to make these helmets. With so many styles the idea to make one helmet better and stronger than those from the past, is where we came up with having the helmets made from ballistic material. There was a time that helmet use decreased in the military, around the 1600’s, but began to pick up again when the WWI had the need for steel helmets.

To this day helmets for the military will continue to be important to the soldier’s well-being during war, and protecting the citizens if there is ever a need. You can order the best helmets from Israeli. Their helmets have level III A protection only and will be of good use for those looking for a great amount of protection throughout the day. The military use ballistic material like Aramid, these improve the protection of the head more than those made in the past.