Concealed carry holsters and Types

Concealed carry holsters are unique tools that are used to load the weight of the firearm in the belt without the aid of the belt loops and any other added bulk inside the waistband. When you are using concealed carry holsters there is no need for someone to wear clothing with extra space or room in the waist to fit the hand gun. Having that weight on the concealed belt results in stability and maximum comfort whether you’re carrying a pistol or revolver. Likewise, using one concealed inside the waistband (IWB) holster except more comfortable being above the belt. Carrying a handgun in a concealed manner can be done in different options. It ultimately depends on personal preferences. With patented technology, concealed carry holsters enables someone to access the concealed handgun, with confidence from any position whether sitting on standing upright.

This will prevent many problems when sitting and driving while still at the same time achieving the best concealing ability even with your normal clothing.

Belt Holsters

A belt holster is also the best option for concealed carrying when they are on a dedicated gun belt, the holsters that attaches to the belt looks like that they holds up a user belt. They can be used with compact services pistols and handgun size which have a few carry options. For wide trouser belt conventional holster is a bet option. They are therefore some of the best options for a fast draw and reholstering.

Belt holsters are not actually suitable for concealed carry situations, particularly if it is warm and wearing outer clothing in such type of weather would look out of place. On the other hand, when you are driving a vehicle or sitting down, they are really uncomfortable. In case of a wide variety of positions, cross-draw holsters can be preferable since they are more convenient and can be reached with either hand, in case the other strong hand is otherwise occupied when you need to draw your piece.

Shoulder Holsters

This is a type of holster that carries the gun in either the horizontal or vertical position. In the case of long firearms, the will need vertical shoulder holsters to keep them out of sight, while shorter ones are suited well to horizontal holsters. Getting to the gun is generally easy, as long as your coat is unzipped and reholstering is made easy. One disadvantage of belt holsters is that it requires wearing an outer garment all the times for concealment.

Inside the waistband (IWB) Holsters

This is the type in which the holster rides in the inner side of the waistband and it can be wear comfortably. This concealment is far better to an external belt holster, although some type of jacket or coat must always be worn. Sometimes spring clip is used to held the waistband holsters while straps that attach around a belt of trouser can also be used.

Pager Pal

This is actually an IWB, cross-draw holster that are used to carry a small pistol entirely inside the pants and clips over the waistband. The major outer portion of it is covered by a cell
phone case or a pager. Concealment of pager pal is extremely good but the main disadvantage is that it requires two hands, so the access is really slow.

Ankle Holsters

If you need to move fast this type of holster may impede normal foot movement. The ankle holsters are mainly used for the deep concealment pistols, such as mini revolvers. Such handguns are always light in weight and small in size. If someone is prone to crossing their leg, the handgun may inadvertently be revealed when sitting for example, unless someone wear extra long pant legs that drag on the ground when walking. When someone is standing, gun access and reholstering is awkward and it is better if seated. Therefore ankle holster is not suitable with shorts or skirts.

Pocket Carry

Pocket holsters are always available for small handguns and therefore they are used for pocket carrying. This allows the acquisition of a full firing grip and keeps pocket guns in a consistent position. The pocket holsters are designed for different shapes of pockets, so users have to match a pocket holster to both the gun and the pocket. Alternative to the front pants pockets which are found in other types of pants. While most handguns are too big for a normal pants pocket, many will fit in a coat pocket. A gun in a coat pocket may be accessible when a gun in a belt or shoulder holster is buried under a closed coat in cold weather.

Fanny Packs

Fanny packs as the name implies that it will normally worn in front, not in back. Fanny packs have many advantages in terms of comfort. It has a wonderful concealment and one can use as a cross-draw holster on a separate gun belt. It is relatively easy to spot a gun in a fanny pack and it is also easy to disarm the person wearing this fanny pack. It has a loop of cord or fabric at one of the outer corners. It also uses an optical illusion to better hide larger guns.