Exploring The Most Beneficial Remington 870 Accessories

Are you the lucky owner of a Remington 870? Congratulations, you must know a good shotgun, when you see it! Of course, it is possible to enhance the weapon dramatically! Wouldn’t you like to be able to gain more control over the gun? Wouldn’t it be nice to eliminate some of the recoil? By taking the time to explore all of the most beneficial Remington 870 accessories, you will be able to find those that work right for you! You can completely customize the weapon for your specific needs. Below, you will find more information about accessories for this shotgun.

Recoil Padding

There is no doubt that the Remington 870 is a powerful gun that packs a big punch! Without the right padding, this gun is going to put a lot of stress and pain directly on your shoulder. In order to prevent the impact from being directly transferred to you, it is vital to purchase a very reliable recoil pad. This nifty little accessory will prove to be very beneficial and will actually absorb the recoil impact, so that it doesn’t hurt your shoulder.

Of course, this can also help to improve your targeting. With the right padding, your aim will not be disturbed, with a shot. This will help to cut back on the time it would normally take to re-aim, before firing again.

A Heat Shield

When firing a Remington 870, the barrel will most likely grow very hot! This is especially true, if you fire the weapon consecutively. Unless you’re willing to wear gloves, your hands could very well sting from the heat of the rifle’s barrel. Thankfully, there are some Remington 870 accessories that can rectify this complication. Purchasing a nice heat shield is vital!
When attempting to purchase a heat shield, you should make sure to choose one that is superbly constructed! The item will serve you much better, if you choose one that doesn’t actually make contact with the shotgun barrel. The heat shield should be able to withstand temperatures of at least 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Either way, purchasing a heat shield will provide you with more comfort and will protect your weapon extensively.

An Ammo Carrier

Although shotguns are entirely fun to shoot, they come with a single problem. They don’t provide you with very many shots, before a reload is needed. With this in mind, it is vital to make reloading, as simple and quick as possible. Although you could wear ammo across your chest like a desperado, it is best to purchase an ammo carrier, which is one of the most beneficial Remington 870 accessories!

With an effective and well-designed ammo carrier, you will always have extra rounds nearby. The carrier should securely attach to the weapon, which will make the rounds easily accessible. Overall, this accessory will enhance your shooting and will make the experience much more enjoyable.


At the end of the day, there are a handful of different accessories that could be used with your Remington. The three above are undoubtedly necessary and will enhance your performance, as well as that of your shotgun!