Everything You Need to Know about A Ballistic Helmet

There is very little doubt that weaponry and defenses have improved dramatically over the years. Of course, a single item has been passed down through the generations and protects the most important part of the body. Helmets were utilized during the days of the gladiators. Although they have evolved, they’re still used today! Now, those going to battle need to equip themselves with the latest ballistic helmet. These helmets are available in many different styles and have many differentials, which will be explored in more depth below.

Different Types of Ballistic Helmets

There is no doubt that all of these helmets serve a singular purpose, but they all do so in a different manner. This is the case, because they’re all designed differently. Some are designed to protect the entire head and face, while others only cover the head, while leaving the ears exposed. The specific type of helmet that you need will depend on a large number of different factors, such as the predicament that you find yourself in! For instance, a riot face shield will be absolutely vital, if you find yourself in a riot or uprising type of situation.
Some of these helmets are referred to as tactical or special operations. Although these helmets are typically the same, they’re equipped with an accessory rail. With the utilization of the accessory rail, it is possible to add additional items to your helmet. For instance, a camera, radio or some other type of device could be used.

Padding and Strapping

When attempting to purchase the very best ballistic helmet for your particular situation, you will want to make sure that you inspect the helmet’s padding and strapping. Typically, this will come down to a personal determination. Each individual will feel more comfortable in a helmet with a specific type of strapping system. Others will feel better with another. Either way, you should ensure that the helmet is very snug on the head and will not bounce around easily.
Padding is pretty much the same. Typically, most helmets will be equipped with a customizable padding system, which can easily be adjusted for your own convenience and comfort. Before heading out into the field, it is essential to ensure that your helmet is comfortable, tight and snug! You don’t have time to adjust it, so make sure it feels perfect, before you go.

Ballistic Helmet Accessories

Once you’ve gotten yourself a helmet, you will need to consider, whether or not you need accessories. The specific type of accessory that you need will depend on the situation that you’re faced with. As mentioned above, you should consider a face shield, if you’re facing an angry mob. This will prevent debris and liquids from getting on your face and into your eyes. Gas masks are also available! These can be very beneficial and can protect you from chemical weapons! In order to use accessories make sure that you have a helmet, which is equipped with an accessory rail or will work with a mounting strap.


A ballistic helmet could undoubtedly save your life! Before heading out into the danger, make sure that you’re equipped with the most durable and safe helmet possible.