Everything You Need To Know About Body Armor Plates

It is vital to protect yourself at all times, when you are combating a large unruly crowd or practicing a combat drill. There are many different types of armor gear that is available on today’s market, but you will need to find something that is suitable for your needs and preferences. Below you will discover everything that you need to know about armor plates.

Lightweight and Flexible

It is important to be comfortable, while you are wearing your body armor. Soft armor is highly desirable, but sometimes you will require a bit more protection. This is the same type of body armor that most police officers wear, when they are on duty. It is very flexible and lightweight, which is important, because they never know when they will be forced to chase after a suspect.
Soft body armor is classified by how well it will protect you and the bullets that it will protect you against. Level IIA, II, and IIIA are the classes, ranged from least to the maximum amount of protection that you will receive from the soft body armor, which is capable of warding off pistol and shotgun shells.
The armor plates are constructed out of hard ceramic, steel or solid composite material. This type of armor is classified, as a Level III, but there are some types that are classed in the Level IV category. Level III is capable of warding off .308 caliber shells, while the Level IV is capable of warding off .30 caliber shells.

Stand-Alone Rifle Plate

The stand-alone rifle plate is also availebel, so you will easily find one that is suitable for your needs. These hard plates are generally 10” x 12” and they are formed to fit your body, because they are designed with a single curve. The biggest reason why police officers avoid wearing the rifle plate is because of its heavy weight. It weighs around 6.5-8 pounds and is constructed out of ballistic ceramic and fiber.

Body Armor Cons

Wearing body armor can definitely have some disadvantages, but you must choose the pros over the cons, when you are trying to protect yourself. All body armor is heavy and hot, which will make it difficult to breath, while increasing your risks of having a heat stroke. It is vital that you drink a lot of fluids to keep your electrolytes balanced, while you are wearing the body armor.
It is crucial that you be aware of the restrictions that you will face, when wearing body armor. It will decrease your range of motion and alter your shooting stance. This can make it very difficult to shot your shotgun, but not as much, when you are shooting your hand pistol. Do a bit of shooting practices, while you are wearing the body armor, so you will become accustomed to the fit.


Body armor, especially armor plates are necessary, when you are combating hardened criminals. Always consider your safety first and wear your armor at all times, while you are on duty.