Guide for Buying a Bulletproof Vest

Throughout the years, protective clothing and devices have evolved and gotten much better! Although it is common for law enforcement officials to equip themselves with bulletproof vests, it is possible for anyone to make the purchase. If you’re going to be in a dangerous situation, a vest could very well save your life! These items, which have been in use since 1969, are readily available, if you know exactly where to look. Of course, you shouldn’t run right out and purchase the first one you find. Instead, you will want to read the information below and use to ensure that you choose the right bulletproof vest for your predicament.

Know the Differentials

First and foremost, you should realize that there are a handful of different options. Not all vests are equal. They’re actually broken down into two different categories, hard body and soft body. Typically, the soft body armor is the most common and is capable of stopping bullets from handguns and 12 gauge shotgun pellets. Although the hard body armor is a little weak, when hit on the edge, they’re also capable of stopping many bullets. They can stop shotgun slugs and rifle bullets, which make them a little more efficient and safer.
The hard body models are typically made from steel, polyethylene and ceramic. The soft body armors are made from Kevlar and Twaron. Of course, new innovations are being researched and this could change in the future.
Of course, this isn’t all of the differences. They’re also available with an assortment of different protection levels. While some are capable of protecting you from stabs and knives, others are not. Remember that selecting a more reliable and safe vest will typically increase the overall weight. Therefore, you will need to determine your danger levels and choose a vest accordingly.

Specific Desires

Now that you know a little bit about the different types of vests, you will need to take the time to find out exactly what you want in a bulletproof vest. There are many different things to consider here. Do you want to be able to wear the vest underneath your clothing? This can be very beneficial and will allow you to remain unassuming. In this regard, you’ll want a Level II or Level II-A vest. These can be worn under loose clothing. The others will require bigger types of clothing, in order to conceal.
Your specific damage level is also vital. How much protection is actually needed? Remember that a bigger and heavier vest will undoubtedly be safer, but it can also limit your mobility. If you’re having difficulty deciding, you will want to consider one of the customizable vests. There can actually be adjusted at your beck and call. Additional armor plates can be added, if you feel the need. These items can actually be used to ensure that you’ll be protected from a stabbing, which is definitely reassuring.


Whether you’re out and about on your own or patrolling the streets, you will want to wear a bulletproof vest. With the information above, you will have a much easier time purchasing the right vest for your specific situation.