Facts Surrounding The Bullet Proof Vest

If you are a police officer or avid firearm enthusiast, you will require a bullet proof vest. Police officers began arming themselves with the bullet proof vest in 1969 and continue to put them only daily, before they enter the line of duty. There are many facts surrounding the bulletproof vest that you will need to familiarize yourself with, before you actually purchase one.

Bullet Proof Vest Types

There are two different types of bullet proof vests including the hard body and soft body. Each of these vests is sufficient in protecting you from an incoming bullet, but the hard body is capable of protecting you against a larger caliber rifle shell. Most police officers select to purchase both types of bulletproof vests, but opt to wear the soft body type, because it is fairly lightweight.
Hard Body Armor: is constructed out of steel, polyethylene, titanium, and ceramic materials and highly capable of stopping a rifle, pistol, or shotgun shell in its tracks.
Soft Body Armor: is constructed out of Kevlar or Twaron and is capable of stopping pistol and shotgun shells.
Stand-Alone Hard Plate: is worn without the vest and is capable of stopping high caliber rifle shells.
Of course, the bullet proof vest is heavy and will restrict your movements, so it crucial that you are aware of the restrictions, before you actually purchase a specific brand.

Tactical Vest

The tactical vest will protect your front, sides, back, and neck. It is designed with hard armor plates, which will sufficiently cover your back, chest, and abdomen. You can easily adjust the tactical vest to fit your size, by utilizing the straps that are located on the shoulders and sides. You can switch out the ballistic inserts very easily, so you can modify your vest to suit your needs or preferences.
These vests are fully tested, before they hit the market. By the NIJ standards classify these vests, as a Level IIIA, which means they are capable of stopping .44 and .357 magnum ammunition. Some brands are capable of stopping the 9mm bullet, as well.
The outer material is constructed out of DuPont nylon supplex, which will offer a water resistance, fire retardant, and breathability feature. This material will also help keep you cooler and dryer, even under the most extreme temperatures.
These are available in sizes from small to x-large, so you will surely find something to suit your body type and stature.

Front Opening Design

If you are a Swat officer, you know how important it is to be ready for combat at any hour of the day or night. In this case, you should consider purchasing the bullet proof vest, with a front opening design. This will allow you to don and remove the vest, within a matter of seconds.
This vest is still equipped with Level IIIA ballistic coverage, but much easier to pull on and off. A ballistic groin protector is equipped to the vest, but it is removable, so you will have the option of wearing it or not.
Remember it is vital to fully protect yourself at all times, so opt to wear your bullet proof vest, while you are on duty.