Israeli Body Armor

Items manufactured under the brand name IWEAPONS® will not disappoint customers looking to protect themselves with the latest advancements in civilian and military defense.

Israeli Weapons is the company responsible for the brand IWEAPONS®, and has a history of providing quality body armor and defense equipment to military and to civilians seeking protection from harm. The latest range on offer under the IWEAPONS® brand includes various modern pieces of equipment that are field tested and proven.

Specializing in body armor, the bulletproof material used in the manufacturing of the equipment is a signature of the brand. Expertly crafted to combat simultaneous advancements in body armor penetration, IWEAPONS® is soon to become a powerhouse in personal defense.

Bulletproof Vests and Related Equipment

IWEAPONS® bulletproof vests come in a range of styles, sizes, and price brackets, which suit the needs of a diverse spectrum of demands. The option to customize a ballistic vests also exists to help buyers find the best possible fit. Both soft armor vests and hard body armor are on offer, and all soft armor come with a IIIA ballistic rating. The aramid used in the making of the equipment is of the highest quality, and unlike competitors, includes optional stab resistant option.

The bulletproof vests start with the most economical models, that provide affordable protection against lower powered damage. The civilian bulletproof vest is the next category upwards, and gives civilians a concealable vest with a moderately protective base.

For those who seek a more discrete vest system, IWEAPONS® also manufactures undercover vests and bulletproof clothing. Within the realm of bulletproof vests are also the ballistics. They are vests exceptionally designed to absorb harsh impacts in a more intense environment than normally experienced. Other body armor products also also manufactured, like the plate carrier, and the bulletproof briefcases.

Armor Plates

The extensive armor plates range is designed to meet the needs of any scenario that may require them. Again, the emphasis on product diversity to meet specialized demands is kept alive with regards to armor plates. Prices range according to the needs of the buyer, and various types make for unconstrained choices.

Ceramic and Polyethylene plates are both manufactured underneath the IWEAPONS® brand. Both come in a variety of types and strengths. The ceramic armor plates start at the Type III level, and go up to Type IV. The Polyethylene plates only come in a Type III, but an enhanced, lightweight version called the III+ is offered up to those wishing for a stronger Polyethylene model.

Side armor plates are also available in a variety of options. Front and back ballistic plates are offered for those seeking a ballistic plate rather than the aforementioned kinds. The Ballistic plates come in the form of the Hashmonai — a specially designed plate by IWEAPONS®.


A list of strengths and styles are available in the helmet category, and the needs and requirements of buyers are once again kept in mind. Some helmets are designed for civilian use only, whereas others are made with extreme force being the threat to defend against.

All of IWEAPONS® helmets are made with the strongest and most versatile materials, and hold ratings at the IIIA level. The bulletproof helmets come in a variety of types.

Ballistic and combat helmet which is designed to deal with more intense circumstances. The hardiness of the combat helmet means you’ll never have to worry about wear and tear destroying the integrity of the helmet.

A range of ballistic helmets are also available, which start at the basic ballistic helmet, and include helmets that come complete with visors for extra protection. The visor varieties are also available for the bulletproof helmets.

The ballistic neck protector provides complete above-shoulder protection, which also holds a IIIA level rating. Some custom model also manufactured as the UN Bulletproof Helmet, the Infantry Ballistic Helmet, and the Police Ballistic Helmet.

About Israeli Weapons

Israeli Weapons is a company founded and operating in Israel that provides the latest in defense machinery and equipment to customers worldwide.

As of recently, Israeli Weapons has decided to craft equipment with the private civilian in mind. People are becoming increasingly weary of their surroundings, areas are becoming conflict-zones, and there is a need to give these people defense against harm. Israeli Weapons established the IWEAPONS® brand, and begun satisfying the demand for civilian defense.

IWEAPONS® products are available for purchase in various brick and mortar stores, as well as a plethora of online locations.