New Combat Ceramic Bulletproof Tactical Vest for the IDF

New Combat Ceramic Bulletproof Tactical Vest for the IDF

In the past IDF soldiers used two vests, the ceramic bulletproof vest and combat vest on top, to carry gear. After years that soldiers needed to use a combat vest along with a ceramic vest while suffering from discomfort during combat, we combined both of these vests into one tactical bulletproof vest. This vest allows to mount all the equipment needed with ceramic armor plates that will protect the soldier’s body. This vest fits all current combat units and lets the soldiers chooses the exact configuration they need.

This IWEAPONS® new combat vest, developed by Israeli Weapons a company specializing in design, development and production of technical textiles in military and civilian fields. The multipurpose vest is designed for varied combat gear.

This is a tactical vest that fits all current combat requirements and lets the soldiers to chooses the exact configuration they need at the given time. We understand that combat gear vary in accordance to the type of threat. For example, in the routine security plan, the soldier carries around minimal combat equipment and adds a protection of ceramic plates, which is called “Keramon”. On the other hand, in total combat the soldier takes full combat gear, but walks around without protection or in some cases with only soft armor protection as level IIIA.

In the standard vest the ceramic plates can be pushed inside the vest and removed if necessary, but then the ballistic vest doesn’t fit the soldier’s body. This new tactical vest we developed to be a Keramon ceramic vest and an independent multipurpose MOLLE combat vest. It was created with tactical-combat thinking in mind, and allows maximum comfort for the fighter in any given situation, with all the equipment in it. ”

The adjustment of the vest to the fighter’s body and the ease of application, are the main advantages of the new development. This new tactical vest is relatively light and has multiple pouches that can be mounted on the MOLLE system, that will make it easy to be used with and without the ceramic plates. It was developed in a semi-modular method, so the basic required equipment the soldier needs like cartridges, grenades, a bandage, a tourniquet and a night or day vision installment are installed on it permanent. Every soldier can add more equipment to the vest depending on the mission, like a communication device, general pocket for maps and stationery, a drinking bag, additional grenades and more. The back of the vest can be made completely smooth, so that a backpack can fit on it.

During the development of the vest, the we made field tests, that included all IDF combat and training sectors, extended operational convenience and effectiveness in combat were also tested.

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