PDW Carbine Conversion Kit

Carabine, what we now call carbine, is a French term meaning a long armed short-barreled rifle (SBR)’ weapons than muskets. These were usually assigned to soldiers that did not need long-range accuracy. They were convenient and easy to load but also less powerful than the rifles of that period. The long range weapons were specifically assigned to sharp shooters, which was a position of honor even then. Strategy of war was different too: the goal was to shoot in the general direction of the enemy but not at the individual. There were still numerous casualties, but the demands on firearms were very different. If you could shoot bullets in wide ranging paths that was great; if someone got injured that was secondary. In today’s world, the goals are far more aggressive. We aim to kill, or capture. The idea is to take over, obliterate the enemy, and try not to be killed in the process. Weapons have been upgraded to meet these objectives, and the ever-changing challenges of war are constant. Collaboration with friendly developers has resulted in advanced equipment and war vehicles beyond imaginations boundaries. Modern definitions for carbines have not changed in a short barrel and a long arm, often achieved by adding a shoulder stock. Shoulder stocks come with many different features. The carbine-converted handguns can often use ammunition that is more powerful now. The precision and long-range impact have improved significantly. Recently laws have changed, allowing for pistol carbine conversion for personal defense weapons (PDW) by adding a shoulder stock and a legally length barrel. The legal use as PDW has been evaluated and re-evaluated by authorities for years and a decision to legalize them, has finally been reached by some countries, with limitations.

Pistol to Carbine Conversation Kits

Offers conversion kits for more models than any other manufacturer. The big difference is they come equipped with all the bells and whistles so you don’t have to purchase a specific model kit. Like the Glock for instance, they have two kits to convert most Glocks. Other companies have a kit for one or two models and then offer a different kit for each of all other models. That’s fine if you are buying a single weapon, but if you are associated with security, police or swat you may need more. Wouldn’t it be nice to purchase one that does the work of several?

State Approval

Israeli Police approved pistol conversion kits. These converted weapons are permitted for specific police guided bodies to use as part of their security strategy. These include entities, from water and electricity companies, public transportation to educational facilities. Israel’s state approval of weapons for use in their nations is a necessary safety factor for the defense of the Israeli people. The police, depending on the weapon used and the training received, prior to implementation, must endorse them.

Available for:

The following handguns are suitable for upgrading to carbines:
  • Glock 17/19
  • Glock 21
  • FN 5.7
  • Jericho 941
  • Sig 226
  • Sig 2022
  • CZ Duty
  • XD
  • PX4
Most offer the same or similar features such as solid aluminum frames that are the lightest and smallest on the market, open or closed. They are also ventilated for heat dissipation. Slim profiles offer greater concealment and the upper rails, side rails and lower rails increase stability. They also contain ambidextrous charging mechanisms for ease of use and a trigger guard for safety and a locked loaded chamber carry.

PDW Conversion Kit for Handguns

Although designed for SWAT teams, military and professional agencies, it is ideal for self-defense weapons. It is the most compact and durable converter around. The features are significant, elevating this kit to the top of wish lists all over the world.
  • Ergonomic grips
  • Compact for concealment
  • Reduced carbon buildup
  • Fold to the side buttstock
  • Push button extendable
  • Convenient Accessory mounting
  • Silencer compatible
This conversion offers the most benefits and the least amount of assistance with installation. You get a high quality product that will last for years. A lifetime warranty is included.