Carbine Conversion Kit

Israeli Weapons offer a wide array of carbine conversion kits for pistols, including various conversion kits, and special buttstocks for upgrade. We offer Personal Defense Weapon (PDW). These kits stand for quality, so you never have to worry about your kit breaking down or not performing properly.

PDW kits for Glocks and other sidearms convert your handgun to the most compact and powerful PDW available. Converting your handgun will expand maneuverability and function in close quarters, and improve accuracy and range.

The design affords Picatinny / Weaver rail mounted accessories to be added such as optics, laser/flashlight and ergonomic hand grips you can also add silencer. Installation is a breeze, so you can have all the bells and whistles you can think of.No matter what upgrades you are considering this is a convenient and practical way to customize your Glock or other sidearm for your use.

All carbine conversion kits for handguns are easy to install and guaranteed to work correctly with your weapon. Even if you’re not an expert at installing one of our quality kits, we have detailed, step-by-step tutorials to help you successfully convert your weapon. Some of the kits we offer include: conversion kit for Glock, Sig Sauer, Jericho and for many other handgun models. In addition to quality products, Israeli Weapons offer free international shipping and a variety of payment options to suit your needs.

These carbine conversion kits provide easy conversion from handgun to personal defense weapon system (PDW) now used worldwide by tactical forces. Whether you are considering converting your handgun for self-defense weapons or more tactical uses, such as SWAT or security teams, it is clear that researching before you purchase is critical.

You might be satisfied with a new barrel and adjustable sights. But then again, you may just want the best on the market. These carbine conversion kits are littered with features to improve your shooting experience and keep you safe. Self-protection is a priority for everyone; when the product that is most efficient and easiest to use becomes available to you, that’s the one you want.

The initial costs may be a little more, but if it includes all the accessories you would need to purchase in order to achieve the same level of function, it is still cost effective. In fact, you may be able to purchase some optional accessories that make up for some of the lacking benefits from the less expensive kits. One thing for certain, you will never be able to match the quality or get the same durability. The functional versatility is unmatched by competitors and there is just no way around that.

Our stocks are designed to increase the accuracy and safety for the users, especially when used in close combat situations. Each one of our stocks offers specific advantages that are not available from other stock kits.

Manufactured with Full Strength Operations in Mind: Our products are designed for full on battle, offering the most innovative improvements. The versatility and convenience of compatible developments increase the accuracy and function of each product.

Focus on Practicality and Indestructibility: Our primary focus is geared to upgrading performance with quality improvements to the important features of our weapons, while placing attention to the aesthetics secondary.

Manufactured with Superior Materials: Only high-grade military components are used in our merchandise. We are committed to the safety, function, durability of our products.

This is the toughest collapsible stock on the market due to the steel mill spec, which means the folding mechanism tolerates unbelievable abuse.

The increased durability of this product is unsurpassed and certainly an important factor in combat.

Collapsible stock folds to the left or right depends on the setup
Folding to the right or left, it presents a slimmer appearance and faster deployment. The trigger and charging handle are still accessible

This M4 buttstock fits any M4 model and has an anodized aluminum buffer tube with a sealed compartment. The non-slip element allows for superior positioning during conflict, lessening the chance of misfires and fatigue. The polymer joint offers exceptional shock absorbency which significantly limits recoil and prevents improper ammo loads.

The collapsible properties afford it to shrink to a minimum, folding to the left for easy access to controls and quick deployment. As a result, it does not hug your body as closely as one that folds to the right.

Folds to the left or right depends on the setup

If your goal is to improve performance, this stock will benefit you in many ways. Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The shock-absorbing feature reduces recoil, and the non-slip properties allow for improved shoulder positioning which increases balance and reduces fatigue. This stock is excellent for undercover concealment.

When using the Shock Absorbing Buttstock System, it is strictly prohibited to place any body parts on top or above the exposed part of the shock absorbing tube (with an emphasis on the shooter’s cheek).

Converting handguns to weapons usually involve placing it on a flat surface. Our Delta Stock can be assembled while holding it. There are no modifications or special tools required to convert the handgun.

The frame is one solid piece of high-grade aluminum; it is the smallest and lightest available on the market. Being well ventilated ensures heat dissipation with compensator models. The back plate or spring box is attached to prevent loss.

The lower and upper rails with one slide further enhance the precision and the trigger guard assures a locked, loaded chamber when carrying it around, limiting accidental discharges. It comes with a charging handle. The folding buttstock is adjustable for perspectives and elevations, thus allowing for one bolt attachment and removal of front flash silencers and concealable mounted sights.

The frame is one solid piece of anodized aluminum of the highest military grade, assuring dependability during battle. The Pathfinder comes with front and rear backup sights usable as primary or secondary sights that are fully ambidextrous. The rear sight is finger adjustable for windage and the front sight can be adjusted for height.

It has a hand stop allowing various grip positions, improving aim and precision. The strap has a quick release buckle for ease of removal from under a jacket without disrobing.

It also has a metal clip for the strap and a bungee section that supports free movement. The materials meet military ratings making them comfortable yet tough.

Most experienced firearm users know that body oils can cause rust. For that reason, we include a cleaning cloth infused with food grade silicone to prevent corrosion and maintain your weapon.

Is the cutting-edge in handgun support for stability and balance. LB200 is a unique handgun support system with advanced recoil permitting rapid fire without compromising performance.

When your life depends on quick response and precise aim, you can’t be fumbling around with an antiquated system. Hesitation will severely limit your tactical performance and possibly affect your survival.

In addition, it encourages a comfortable, natural position during use, which reduces fatigue. It is fully ambidextrous, so anyone can use it.

Hopefully, you will never be limited to using one hand, but if that happens, you’ll want maximum control and that is what you get with this product. With all the advances in this product, it does not trigger limitations or reduce accuracy.

This is a new design specifically for helmet operations during the battle. It affords rapid eye to sight alignment while increasing accuracy in striking target objectives. The properties of concealment are unsurpassed by anything on the market.

It folds into a buttstock for our Carbine Conversion and quickly extends when needed. Having a secure and durable unfold mechanism is crucial; the quick collapse control device is outstanding for undercover operations.

All materials are military grade aluminum to increase stability and security. The buttstock is padded with non-slip material to ensure you control your weapon, and prevent it falling out of place in a crucial moment.

The strategy of this visor stock is to provide speedy deployment of gear from vehicles without negotiating the function. The security of a collapsible visor is crucial to improve usefulness.