Remington 870 Accessories – A perfect feature for your Shotgun!

Are you looking for some great accessories for your shotgun? Well, fret not because the Remington 870 accessories are in the market for you to acquire. If you are still thinking about the type of accessories for your shotgun, the first thing you should consider is sling for your rifles. Here are the different types of slings that you can use.

Flashlight and Sling Mount for Remington 870

This is a type of sling which will go perfectly with the Remington 870 that you have. It is not only easy to install and use but also comes with aluminium components which are Type III hard coat anodized. The edges are smoothened and rounded off for your safety and you have the option of mounting a flashlight to the shotgun. It comes in both left and right hand models and the accessory rail is position facing forward so that it is easy to handle.

Remington 20ga Side Saddle

As with other Remington 870 accessories, this particular side saddle is also easy to handle and is available in configuration of 5 shot. The side saddle mounts perfectly to the receiver using steel trigger replacement bolts. The weight is 4.1 oz and you can get the accessory in ergonomic design to reduce weight which includes even the lightning cut for easier access.

Remington 870 Magazine Tube Extension (Two Shot)

This Remington 870 accessory is perfect for law enforcement, home defence and military usage and like other Remington 870 accessories is easier to handle. One more important and useful feature of the Remington 870 Magazine Tube Extension is that it adds two additional rounds without increasing the length of the shotgun. The end of the tube can be removed easily for the cleaning purposes as well as for use of a magazine plug. Its nuts are coated with manganese phosphates with a non – reflective finish which is good for combat situations.

Remington 870 Follower

The stainless steel body of Remington 870 follower makes it easier to handle and corrosion resistant. The visibility indicator of the follower provides you with a quick indication of the status of ammunition. The deep spring pocket of the accessory helps in controlling the spring movements when the follower is used.

Remington 870 Quick Detach Front and Rear Sling Attachments

The Remington 870 Quick Detach Front and Rear Sling attachments help to eliminate the sling wrap up and rotation of the sling. It comes in models which support not only the left handed owners but also the right handed owners of Remington 870.

Remington 1100/ 1187 Enhanced Charging Handle

Remington 1100/ 1187 enhanced charging handle is one of the few products which are used by all Remington owners. Just like any other Remington 870 accessories, it is hassle free and easy to install. The enhanced version of the charging handle is larger compared to the factory version of Remington 1100/ 1187 charging handle which provides a better option for charging and is helpful in emergency situations like the stress fire situations. The rounded edges of the accessory provide you with snag free operation and it does not rotate, thus providing safety for the shooters. The light weight accessory is easy to handle and the edges are deburred providing the user with additional safety while operation.

Remington 870 Forearm Flashlight Mount

This shotgun accessory includes a mounting bracket which is unique in nature and attaches the shotgun to the factory forend tube easily. This accessory is prepared from rugged chromium 4140 and molybdenum steel and coated with manganese phosphate providing a matte black finish to the product. The 870 forearm flashlight contains a mounting ring for flashlight which is manufactured specially for Surefire G2 and G3 models. With this accessory, you should use an LED bulb for flashlight in order to reduce the possibility of failure of bulb.

Importance of Shotgun accessories

As with any weapon that you use, you need to carry it safely from one place to another. This is why you have the Remington 870 accessories in form of slings. The slings help you to carry the shotgun with you while being securely attached. At the same time, other accessories like the side saddle are also essential to carry the shotgun with you. However, the Remington 870 follower and the enhanced charging handle help you to use the product in a better and safer way. Needless to say, there are many accessories available in the market for your shotgun; however, you need to maintain caution while choosing the accessories for your shotgun and that is where proper knowledge about the accessories is essential.