Remington 870 Accessories

When you’re trying to improve the performance of your firearm, choosing the best accessories is essential to getting the best out of your shotgun. Thankfully, for owners of the Remington 870 Shotgun, this firearms’ modern design means a wonderful variety of well crafted accessories are widely available on the market. Below are some of the accessories you can choose to enhance this work horse of a shotgun that has continued to evolve as shooter’s demands change.

Remington 870 Saddle Rail

The Remington 870 saddle rail is a single piece saddle mount that allows for the easy attachment of tactical sights such as scopes or red dots. Designed with a low profile look to accommodate any device comfortably, this rail also creates a solid grip between the receiver and the saddle mount. The design also adds to efficiency with its precision machined design that uses the least amount of material without sacrificing strength.

Remington 870 Follower

Remington 870 users can also benefit from a unique enhanced slotter more commonly known as a follower. The follower’s stainless steel body means that corrosion and smooth operation issues are eliminated. In addition the accessory’s high visibility provides a quick indicator of the levels of your ammunition. While a standard factory follower is available, a good search will uncover independently made followers that improve on the design to meet the needs of modern day tactical shooters.

Remington 870 Heavy Duty Quick Detach Sling Swivels

Quick detach sling swivels afford the shooter the ability to accommodate webbing, or attach HK style snap hooks or mash hooks. Using angular sling attachments makes these swivels the perfect choice for quick engagement and better swivel placement, while the large recessed QD release button has custom machined grooves for improved precision and finger placement.

Remington 870 Fixed Stock Front Sling

If you’re a Remington 870 owner and you’re looking for a great tactical shotgun sling, then a fixed stock front sling is a good choice. Made without a front sling attachment, this sling is a two point sling can be utilised for positions such as carrying the firearm over the shoulder, carrying it on your back, or when utilising a tactical ready position. This sling is designed with fixed stocks in mind, and the way its webbing fits around the back of the stock locates the sling besides the stock for an enhanced tactical ready stance. A keeper assembly holds the tri-glide in place after it has been threaded through the existing front sling attachment.

Remington 870 Side Saddle Shot Holder

Remington 870 side saddle shot holders have a unique design that allows for quick access to ammunition while still at an angle that is parallel to your hand. Facilitating loading of the chamber and mag tube, these shot holders are easy to install and can be found in a 4, or 6-shot capacity. With no modifications to the firearm required, this accessory will improve your efficiency with its ability to hold shells base up or base down depending on the shooters’ preference of reloading.

Remington 870 Two-Shot Magazine Extension

Easily attached and quick to install without having to modify your firearm, two shot magazine extensions is compatible with both factory and independently made followers. Adding usefulness to the operations of users in law enforcement, the military or home defence, this magazine extension immediately adds two extra rounds without adding to the length of your firearm. The mag tube extension nut is designed to hold the barrel securely under recoil and works effectively when installed properly. In addition, the two-shot magazine extension has an end cap that can easily be removed separately for better access when cleaning the firearm, or while using a magazine plug.


Factory made ammunition is provided by Remington for all their weapons, from military weapons, precision rifles and civilian shotgun shells. Most of the shells are 12 gauge ammunition that is available in birdshot, buckshot, and slug versions.


Remington also manufactures an acclaimed line of rifle silencers, flash suppressors, military grade weaponry, as well as pistols. Other Remington 870 accessories include tactical carbines and one inch flashlight mounting rings. Tactical Knives are also another product they make, as well as rescue knives hat have glass breaker tips and blades designed to cut through tough seatbelt material or webbing. In addition to this, stocks, chokes, and shotgun retention devices are also produced to augment a range of accessories that provide great usability, added efficiency, and easier operation to shooters.