Safeguard Your Life with Exceptional Affordable Israeli Bulletproof Products

Outstanding bullet resistance, excellent fit and lasting quality come standard with ISRAELI WEAPONS LTD bulletproof gear. Beginners and veterans alike can take advantage of our affordable range of ballistic resistant products to gear up for any level of threat. Whether you need soft armor vests or anti-stab panels, we boast a collection that will take protection from ammunition to the next level.

Reliable Bullet Proof Vests

Our collection of ballistic vests can deliver effective protection for NIJ level II, IIA, IIIA. Easy to wear, they are light and can be concealed under uniform and clothing. The modern lightweight design does not hinder mobility and allow wearers to move faster and easier than before. IWEAPONS® vests are a great foundation for your body armor and provide the strength that has made it an industry favorite for decades.

With our IWEAPONS® Bulletproof Vests:

  • High performance bullet resistance
  • Flexible and light construction
  • Long lasting hardiness
  • Protection of level IIIA

Top-Rate Armor Plates

Armor plates can increase the hardness of your armor instantly. Ceramic and polyethylene plates are some of the best designs in the market and can achieve top-level protection from an assortment of projectiles. Through modern technology, these plates have been deliberately modified to fit better and feel lighter. They are built to support your mobility and to be used with many sizes of vests.

Our Ceramic Plates have been Tested and Shown by Experts to Provide:

  • Increased protection and coverage from bullet penetration and secondary wounds
  • A boost in overall mobility
  • A better fit and enhanced flexibility
  • Enduring quality
  • Can be worn with vests or used alone

polyethylene plates, on the other hand, has been dominating the market for several reasons. polyethylene designs offer:

  • Amazing strength known to be 15 times more than conventional steel plates
  • Exceptional ability to absorb high energy caused by impact
  • A lighter, concealable construction that can be used overtly or covertly
  • Resilience against sun rays, fire and water for durability
  • Can be used with soft or hard vests, or as standalones

Protective Panels

Panels can be a great addition to armor plates, or be added to the entire armor to increase body coverage. You can choose between anti-trauma and anti-stab panels, both of which deliver superb additional protection as knives and trauma. While anti-trauma panels are highly effective at preventing blunt trauma on your body, anti-stab designs guard against cuts and other wounds from stabbings.

Hardy Ballistic Helmets

The importance of having a tough ballistic helmet in high risk scenarios cannot be emphasized enough. Vests and plates can protect the chest and back, but leaves the head uncovered. Oftentimes, when armor is worn covertly, attackers aim for the head. To protect this vital organ, we offer light, metal and visor shield helmets to add to your gear.

Light Ballistic Helmets:

  • Made from tough Aramid fibers to ensure the highest protection
  • Fit varying head sizes well to prevent discomfort
  • Light to prevent fatigue
  • Use advanced harnesses to increase stability
  • Available in black, blue and green for variety

Metal Helmets are Specifically Designed to:

  • Deliver higher resistance against ammunition moving at faster speeds
  • Remain steady and stable despite movement
  • Feel lighter to reduce fatigue and assist mobility
  • Make add-ons simpler to attach for comfort and fit
  • Come in black, green and blue colors to cater to your preferences

Bulletproof Accessories

How you care for your armor influences its lifespan. This is why we offer convenient carry storage bags to help store your gear and keep it in excellent condition for as long as possible. You can find bags that are tailored to the size and shape of your armor for ultimate safekeeping.

Quality Guaranteed

All bullet proof items are approved based on high NIJ standards and regulations to guarantee quality. Our collection is carefully compiled to include the best products the industry has to offer. Vests, plates, helmets and panels can be used safely by defense forces and civilians.

ISRAELI WEAPONS LTD body armor is among the best in the business. Whether you are a member of Israeli defense forces or a civilian interested in ballistic products, you can experience unbeatable quality at an affordable cost. You can finally enjoy the confidence you will feel knowing you have stronger, sturdier and comfortable armor guarding the most precious commodity of all – your life.