Security Guards Should Use Body Armor Today

Security guards are often times in the line of fire. They don’t always just get to stand around and watch for intruders, they may have to get involved in a scuffle that leaves them bruised, and even injured. While it’s not fair to compare the job of a guard to that of a police officer, it is something that is worth noting. Criminals aren’t going to treat security with any respect. Some of them will be armed, and when shots are fired, guards can go down without much of a fight, as they are not always prepared to the meet the demands of any violent act that’s beyond fisticuffs. It’s for that simple reason that body armor should not be thought of as unnecessary.

Fighting Back Hard

First and foremost, every person that is going to be in a variable war zone should be protected at all costs. This means all security personnel that could potentially run into a serious altercation should definitely wear something that is going to protect them in case of explosion, bottles, or any number of weapons that hit them hard. Without body armor in place, a person could get severely injured within seconds, and even face uncertain situations. Instead of allowing the criminals to win, fighting back could be as simple as having protection until police can arrive.

Body Armor Doesn’t Make You A Hero

Let’s not get this whole notion confused. Yes, body armor is very important, but it doesn’t mean that all security guards are going to be battling the masses with severe uprising. This is not to egg anyone on or to make believers out of a guard that has instructions not to interact with the criminals out there. It’s important that safety is at the utmost of all concerns, but moreover, protection is in place. Any number of issues could arise when trying to protect a building, a lobby, or just about any location, which is why this is something to consider. It’s not for proactive fighting, but rather to protect against a number of issues.

Facing The Consequences

Today’s world is an increasingly violent place. Security has a job to take a first line of defense in many ways that the police force cannot. Police officers will not be standing guard at a business, for instance, unless they are called in to do so. That’s where privatized security guards need to be in place, but their safety should be the number one concern of any business. If you have guards, or you are going to hire someone, make sure that you look into getting proper protection, including bullet proof vests and more. Without these, injury, death and uncertain issues could very well manifest and that’s not a good thing.

Do not leave anything to chance, and do not assume that nothing is going to go wrong. It’s better to have armor in place, then to regret not purchasing it and wearing it after an unfortunate event occurs. It’s an important thing to think about and something that is better to work on now than it is to do retroactively.