Video Tutorial: Armor Plates Panels

Welcome to Israeli Weapons LTD tutorial video, this video is part of a series of tutorials that explain how to order bulletproof products.

In this video we will talk about the basics of ordering armor plates and panels. We offer a wide variety of armor plates to fit our bulletproof vests and plate carriers.

We offer Ceramic and Polyethylene armor plates specially designed to be used with our bulletproof external vests.

Now when I decided from previous videos what vest I need, what if I need extra protection against higher threats?
For this Israeli Weapons also provides Armor Plates that can be used with their vests.

  • We offer the biggest selection of Ceramic and Polyethylene plates for higher protection.
  • We provide Ceramic plates with level 3 and 4, our Ceramic plates specially made to fit our vests.
  • We offer our lightweight Polyethylene plates with level 3 and 3+, for better performance.
  • We offer custom plates, as plates with Shooters Cut shape and Stand Alone plates.
  • We provide Straight plates to add protection inside custom objects like cars and bags.
  • Most of our armor plates come in 10 by 12 inches and 25 by 30 centimeters, so they will fit our External Vests and Plate carriers.

Israeli Weapons offer many models of armor plates, but what about panels for bulletproof vests?
Israeli Weapons also manufacture special panels as Anti Stab and Trauma panels for their bulletproof vests.

  • We also supply different sizes of Trauma panels and Anti-Stab panels.
  • Our Trauma panels made in a wide variety of sizes to fit our different vest models.
  • Our Special Anti Stab panels can fit our External and Concealable vests.

Armor plates and Panels, not only provide additional protection but they can also be used in different bulletproof vests, you can keep using them after you replace your old bulletproof vest or switch to another model.

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