Video Tutorial: Bulletproof Vests

Welcome to Israeli Weapons LTD tutorial video, this video is part of a series of tutorials that explain how to order bulletproof products.

In this video we will talk about the basics of ordering bulletproof products and we will focus on two very basic questions, do I need a Concealable or External vest. And do I need Hard Armor Plates with my vest.

Now you need to decide if you need external or concealable vest. External vests used on top of clothes and have the ability to add external armor plates for higher protection, as Ceramic and Polyethylene armor plates. While the Concealable vest is less noticeable and you can wear it under clothes.

As we all know, the most important basic protective gear is the bulletproof vest, that is why we try to export only our top models. We have several popular bulletproof vests that we offer for export.

Most of these models are available in 4 colors Black, Green, Blue and White. All of these models come in 6 sizes, from Small to XXXL, we offer the same price for all sizes. We also provide size chart for these vests, to make it easier for you to order the correct size.

  • For External Vest we recommend to order our famous IDF Black or Blue model.
  • These models are extremely durable and they come with external pockets.
  • These external front and rear pockets are specially designed for our armor plates.
  • Each pocket has a standard size of 10 by 12 inches and 25 by 30 centimeters.
  • Israeli Weapons also manufacture custom models specially made for the customer needs.
  • We supply both armor plates and bulletproof vests as all in one solution.
  • We also offer vests with custom size pockets for special armor plates.

What if I need something more Concealable, so the vest is less noticeable and could I wear it under clothes?
For this Israeli Weapons also provides Concealable bulletproof vests that can be worn under clothes.

  • One of our most popular models is our Concealed SWAT vest.
  • Another popular model is our IDF White model, specially made to be used under clothes.
  • Our Concealed Vests are designed to be less noticeable and they do not have external pockets.
  • All our Concealed Vests include internal pockets for our Anti-Stab and Trauma panels.
  • Each pocket has a standard size of 10 by 12 inches and 25 by 30 centimeters.
  • We make custom concealed models for police and security forces.
  • Our custom models come with level 3A (III-A) protection and come in a variety of sizes.
  • We make our vests only from top materials and test them in the field.

Bulletproof Vests