Buy Body Armor And Bulletproof Vests For Sale

Buy Body Armor And Bulletproof Vests For Sale

You can buy bulletproof vest from our online shop, from many models that are available on our store. Our vests come in wide variety of styles and come with level IIIA protection. We offer many different types of bulletproof vests for sale that we developed for Israeli forces as the IDF. When your occupation requires to buy body armor as bullet proof vest, we offer many types vests in our online store.

Bullet-resistant vests are the most common type of body army equipment, and all of them are able to resist small arms fire (our ballistic vest come with IIIA rating). We also offer bulletproof vests with external pockets for armor plates to reach ballistic level of III (3) and IV (4).

You can buy bulletproof vests using paypal. We offer many Israeli bulletproof vests and Israeli body armor for civilians as concealed body armor for daily use on your job. And the best part that all our ballistic gear come with free shipping even our cheap bulletproof vests.

Safety is a matter of balancing offensive and defensive equipment as body armor for sale. When it comes to security, few things can protect you as well as the quality of our bullet proof vests on sale in our site.

Bullet resistant vests come in a variety of shapes and colors and types as overt and covert vests but the primary function remains the same. We produce the strongest, most flexible ballistic vests that can keep you protected when it matters. It’s the closest thing you can get to a protective shield around your vital body parts and is great as the basis of an overall protective gear set.

Bullet proof vests made from soft armor as aramid, this fabric blend of synthetic fibers that weave together to absorb the bullet. Some bulletproof vests have option to add hard armor plates. It works by essentially neutralizing the kinetic force of a gun shot. It’s definitely better to have a bruise than an a life threatening injury.

It’s important to buy body armor from supplier you trust. Israeli Weapons bullet proof vests are top of the line, both functional and comfortable. Our ballistic vests come with level IIIA / 3A protection and used by the IDF. We also offer hard armor plates for higher caliber bullets and spread shots, you should order out external bulletproof vests with special front and back pockets for these plates.