Everything You Need to Know About the Bulletproof Vest

When you find yourself out in the battlefield or in a dangerous situation, you will feel much safer, if you’re equipped with some type of bulletproof vest. There is absolutely no doubt that a Kevlar bulletproof vest will put your mind at ease just a bit more. Of course, many people do not truly understand this type of technology. What exactly is Kevlar and how does it work? Below, you will be able to learn all there is to know about the Kevlar vest.

About Kevlar

This material was actually produced by Stephanie Kwolek in 1965, when she was working with the DuPont Corporation. In the early years, the technology was used for racing tires, before its eventual purpose was discovered. Although it is still utilized in racing sails and bicycle tires, it is most commonly used as body armor. When trying to get an understanding of Kevlar, you should understand its strength. The material is approximately five times strong than steel, when strength to weight ratio is taken into account. In this sense, Kevlar is often compared to Twaron, which is a near identical type of fiber.
Over the years, Kevlar has been used for a variety of different applications. For instance, it is often used in personal armor, such as helmets and even ballistic facemasks. The United States Military relies on Kevlar and use it within their helmets and vests. In the personal protection sense, there are even more products available. The consumers can easily purchase their own Kevlar vest for sale, as well as gloves, jackets and chaps. This particular type of protective gear is capable of protecting you from cuts, heat and abrasions.

Kevlar Vest

Before attempting to buy a Kevlar bulletproof vest, you should know what the Kevlar can do. This is a soft body armor. The fabric isn’t necessarily bullet proof. Instead, it will only prevent the bullet from reaching your body. It behaves in the same type of manner as a net would, when it is stopping a tennis ball. The soft body armor captures the bullet and slows it down, before spreading out its energy among the panel.
When trying to select a Kevlar vest for sale, you will need to make sure that this is what you’re looking for. In the same sense, you should consider, whether or not you want to conceal the armor! If you do, you will want to ensure that it is small enough and comfortable enough to be worn under the clothing. Make sure to choose your Kevlar vest that will fit underneath your clothes, without blowing your cover.
Finally, it is imperative to ensure that your Kevlar bulletproof vest will fit you comfortably. With this in mind, you might need to get your body measured. This will work in a similar fashion, as if you got fitted for a suit. This extra little step will ensure that your body armor fits you perfectly. This will undoubtedly make it much more comfortable and more protective!


At the end of the day, anyone that is going to be in a dangerous situation will want to equip him or herself with a Kevlar bulletproof vest. This additional purchase could very well save your life!