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Today, April 2, 2017, the operational reception ceremony of the David’s Sling Aerial Defense System took place at the Hatzor Airbase. The event took place in the presence of the Prime Minister, Mr. Bejamin Netenyahu, the Minister of Defense, Mr. Avigdor Lieberman, The Chief of General Staff, Lieutenant General Gadi Eizenkot, Commander of the IAF, […]

The engineering Namer models made to over come obstacle as mines and anti-tank trenches. Same as the Namer APC (armoured personnel carrier) it be fitted with Trophy (also called Windbreaker) system. The engineering Namer has three models: Engineering Namer for the company commander with a bulldozer scoop: Engineering Namer for the platoon commander with anti-mine […]

The IDF has launched a new program, in which candidates for recruitment will receive a magnetic card before they enter the army, with whom they will be able to purchase clothing items tailored to their size. In advanced training after the basic training, they will receive a backpack with combat equipment that they will keep […]

Soon a fourth battalion will join the three gender mixed infantry battalions which operate nowadays in the IDF, and the trend of integration of women in combat roles continues. In order to make their service experience better, the soldiers got in the last months a new combat vest which is fitted to their body shape […]

Supply of combat equipment and personal belongings generally in the IDF and particularly in combat units – is in the midst of a revolution! What is purpose of the program? At the end of 2016 extensive work that was aimed at improving the complete response, unified and adapted for every fighting soldier, (man and woman) […]

After the IDF operation Protective Edge, many units are still engaged with investigation. Some immediate conclusions are already implemented, such as protective equipment for the infantry, tells chief of the combat equipment weapons department. The investigations that came after the fighting they figured out that there needs to be changes and improvements in protection in […]

Body armor, bulletproof vests, orthopedic backpacks, camouflage gear, new helmets and other equipment designed to make soldiers’ lives easier and safer: a rare visit to the purchasing management at the Ministry of Defense provides a glimpse into the entire process of purchasing equipment for the IDF soldiers, from the decision-making, through the strict examination of […]

In the past IDF soldiers used two vests, the ceramic bulletproof vest and combat vest on top, to carry gear. After years that soldiers needed to use a combat vest along with a ceramic vest while suffering from discomfort during combat, we combined both of these vests into one tactical bulletproof vest. This vest allows […]

The number of knife attacks by Palestinians and Israeli Arabs against the Israeli military and civilians have increased dramatically during 2016. In just the past couple of months, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have reported more than a hundred attacks. Assailants usually target the soldier’s neck, as that’s the most exposed portion of the body […]

IDF soldiers ending up buying their own combat gear as body armor. Citizens, regular and reserve soldiers privately buy bulletproof vests to protect their lives. With the increase in shooting attacks soldiers and citizens spending their money for buy new bullet proof vests for personal use. Among the buyers are parents of soldiers serving in the regular […]